COMMENTARY: Ring No. 5 pending for Tom Brady


Tom Brady

For the seventh time since 2001, the New England Patriots are in the Super Bowl, and this time they are facing one of the strongest offenses we’ve seen.

The Patriots take on the Atlanta Falcons and the favorite to win the Most Valuable Player Award, quarterback Matt Ryan. Atlanta had dominating playoff wins over the Seattle Seahawks and Green Bay Packers. Both teams in the top tier of the NFL.

You can argue the Patriots have had an easy ride. Playing in a weak division, then taking down the Houston Texans and Pittsburgh Steelers in the playoffs, does not scream Super Bowl Champion.

However, what screams Super Bowl Champion is veteran quarterback Tom Brady. Along with Head Coach Bill Belichick, the two have been at the core of winning Super Bowls in the past. This will be their seventh together — an NFL record.

Experience from winning it all two years ago and suffering a bitter defeat in the AFC Championship game last year will just give the Pats enough to edge out Atlanta. 

A Super Bowl ring would vindicate Brady of cheating claims surrounding the Deflate-Gate football tampering scandal of Super Bowl XLIX in 2015.

Brady was suspended the first four games of this season after losing a long court battle with the NFL. Rather than appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court, Brady served his four-game suspension. 

It would be the ultimate revenge for Brady to receive the Vince Lombardi from the hands of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell who suspended him.

But Patriots fans, don’t get too comfortable. New England will have to give it all they have against Ryan and the Falcons. Atlanta’s Head Coach Dan Quinn lost to New England two years ago, as the defensive coordinator for Seattle.

Quinn is out for vengeance and to become a hero in Atlanta. Quinn’s experience in the biggest game is something that nearly all of his team lacks. 

It’s a match-up of Atlanta’s offense and New England’s defense. Defense wins championships, or at least it does in the NFL. In the previous five games when the best offense plays the best defense, the defense won four of them.

The lights will be bright in Houston for Super Bowl LI on Sunday. And they will be too bright for the Falcons. Brady gets his fifth ring. Patriots win 31-28.