SEU welcomes new Associate Athletics Director of Marketing and Communication, hopes to have lasting impact


In mid-August, the St. Edward’s Athletics Department announced that they have hired Megan Hardin as their new Associate Athletic Director for Marketing and Communications.

Though the hiring process was completed rather close to the start of the school year, Hardin was ecstatic when the university reached out to her about the job opening.

“I really enjoyed hearing more about St. Ed’s and what’s going on here and learning about the school”, Hardin said. “With it being so close to the start of the school year, I didn’t really even think about changing jobs.”

Prior to the position here at St. Edwards, Hardin had a job as the Athletics Communications Director and Senior Woman Administrator at Southwestern University, a school approximately 30  miles from St. Edward’s.

Though she has just become a member of the athletics just over three weeks, Hardin, an Iowa native, has already felt a noticeable connection to the university and is comfortable with calling it her new home for her and her family.

“I really think of where I work as an extension of my family,” Hardin said, “it’s more than just a job for me. It really is a place that I am passionate about.”

In fact, Hardin aims to accomplish many things as the Associate Athletics Director for Marketing and Communications and she hopes to leave an impact on those that surround her. Although the late timing of her hiring did cut into her overall planning for the school year, Hardin says she is working on plans for the department and cannot wait to see them unfold in the future.

“I’m looking forward to having next summer to really plan on how we’re going to start 2019-20 and what initiatives we’re going to be doing moving forward. I’m really excited!” Hardin said.

To further expand on the expectations she set for herself, Hardin says that her main goal is to shed light on the department’s activities.

“My biggest hope is to tell the stories of what’s going on here. The student-athletes are great in competition, but they also do great things on and off campus and in the community,” Hardin said. “Just being able to leave that legacy of the stories and teaching more people about St. Ed’s and what’s going here is really what I want to accomplish here.”

Hardin considers herself to be a friendly person and encourages those who would like to get to know her better to say hello and stop by her office should they ever need goodies to help get through their day.

“If you see me on campus, say ‘hi’ and wave,” Hardin said. “I have M&M’s, Diet Coke, iced coffee and popcorn. So if people need a snack and they’re over here, they’re more than welcome to stop by!”