FACEOFF: Is soccer or basketball the better sport?

No matter how many sports there are, two of the most universally popular are soccer and basketball. But which of the two is the best?

SOCCER: Legendary Brazilian player Pelé called it, “The Beautiful Game”. Most call it football or fútbol. Whatever name it goes by, it smells as sweet: the best sport in the world. For simplicity’s sake, we’ll just call it soccer.

Logistically and conceptually, soccer makes an inarguable case for low scoring games. Low scoring sports are fraught with drama and intensity because each play is an opportunity for unique glory. When a goal is scored, the opposing team knows that the stakes have immediately risen and that equalizing will be a heroic effort in and of itself. This leaves room for underdogs to rise and giants to fall in truly epic fashion.

Soccer is also the world’s most universal sport. It’s played in almost every country around the world and celebrated every four years in the greatest display of intercultural competition imaginable: The World Cup. This tournament functions as an arena for international bonding and is always loaded with timely symbolism.

Beyond the giant production of the World Cup, soccer is also accessible worldwide, regardless of socioeconomic status. To play the game, all you need is a ball and makeshift posts. That’s it. There’s no necessity for expensive equipment or specific field standards. Soccer is the best sport because it can be played anywhere, at any time, with anyone.

And that’s also the beauty of it. Soccer can be a sport for anyone. Which makes it a wonderful unifier, an unmatched method of connection, and a source of inspiration for all.

BASKETBALL: Basketball is hands down the most enjoyable sport to watch. Unlike many other complex sports, the concept of it is literally quite simple: put the ball into the hoop.

This simplicity along with the breath-taking plays and electrifying athleticism is what makes this sport so special to fans all around the world; and is what makes it have a case for being the most popular in the nation.

Unlike other sports that typically finish with lower scoring games, basketball games, particularly on the professional level, often finish with scores of over 100 points from both teams. This results in fast-paced fun and non-stop entertainment from the start of the game to the very end.

The indoor environment of an indoor basketball court also adds a very noticeable element to the overall fan experience. With the roars of enthusiastic crowds encapsulated in an arena and vibrant energy jumping off the walls, watching a basketball game is unlike watching any other sport.

Whether a big fan of the sport or not, basketball is just so easy to enjoy through all of its aspects. With endless flashy dunks, seemingly impossible shots and exciting teamwork, basketball offers a variety of reasons for many to agree that it is truly the most superior sport of them all.