Why Drake and Millie Bobby Brown’s relationship is a strange thing


Courtesy of Creative Commons

The pair’s relationship has been hotly debated these past few weeks.

Last November, “Stranger Things” leading actress, Millie Bobby Brown shared a photo of her and rapper Drake backstage at one of his concerts. What seemed like a photo of an iconic duo at the time began to circulate the internet rather quickly. The photo got millions of likes and thousands of comments that weren’t sure of what to make of this unlikely meeting.

Controversy over their friendship resurged recently after Brown’s interview with W Magazine revealed the two have kept in constant contact since then through texts and over dinners. There are numerous reasons why this dynamic should be called into question. The notorious practice of “grooming” is one of them. Familiar to many in the entertainment industry, “grooming” is defined as a slow process of manipulation wherein an individual victimizes someone younger by creating a basis of friendship that they intend to evolve into a romantic relationship once the victim is older.

With his most famous relationships involving powerful women in the music industry, including Nicki Minaj and Rihanna, Drake has not always been one to target for having age-inappropriate relationships… but maybe he should have been.

This issue became alarming when Brown was questioned further about the content of their text messages during an Access interview, to which she replied “you know that stays in the text messages,” and the internet could not help but note that this is not the best sign of good intentions on the rapper’s end.

Concern escalated after numerous photos involving model Bella Harris, who was 17-years-old at the time, and Drake were shared on Twitter, prompting even more questions about whether or not he has underlying motives with the friendships he holds with younger women in his life.

Fourteen-year-old Brown took to Instagram to reassure the public of the innocence of their relationship. Meanwhile the 32-year-old has said nothing. To a child, the situation does not seem inappropriate in the moment, but as time goes on they might realize the person that was trusted for good advice, consistent attention and gifts was someone who was very skilled in disguising their bad intentions.

The backlash seemed completely warranted. Some Twitter spectators even took to analyzing Drake’s lyrics to give context to the situation. Whether or not these odd moments tell the whole story on the rapper’s thought process, it is without a doubt that he is no stranger to predatory behavior that’s often overlooked in entertainment.

The relationship could be as Brown says, entirely innocent and well-meaning, but it does not mean we should put down our guards just yet. As a teenager, there should be other people to turn to when it comes to dating and romantic advice, which is why her disclosure of their private conversations including “talking about boys” is so strange. Regardless of how mature and put-together Brown may seem, there is no logic that follows any friendship between them.