Elizabeth Warren Native American drama distracting from real issues


Courtesy of Creative Commons

Elizabeth Warren is the current United States Senator of Massachusetts.

We’ve been distracted yet again by petty political warfare strung out by President Trump. Elizabeth Warren has recently released her DNA test results to prove that she has Native American Ancestry.

Why should we care that a white woman is 1/1024 Native American?

The U.S. Senator changed her ethnicity from white to Native American in 1986. She had been listed as a minority professor from 1986 through 1995 at The University of Texas and the University of Pennsylvania.

A lot of people have issue with the allegations that she used this minority status as a way to get a job at Harvard. Charles Fried, one of the key recruiters of Warren, told the Boston Globe that her claim to minority status had nothing to do with her hiring.

Despite this, why is this white woman claiming to be a minority at all?

In 1996, the Harvard Crimson reported that there were 71 professors of ethnic minority– the one Native American being Warren. This isn’t surprising that Harvard let her make this minority claim since they’ve been accused of discriminating against Asian-Americans. If I were Harvard, I’d try to claim I was minority-friendly by using Warren as an example as well.

Harvard’s discrimination is old news, and this drama centered around Warren is getting to be as well. A lot of people didn’t start caring about this until Trump called her Pocahontas. Even the president making racial slurs is old news. He’s been allowing immigrant children to be locked in cages and now a lot of people’s focus is on him using a racial slur against a white woman falsely claiming to be a Native American. None of his followers would change their minds about him using this slur because some of them still use the dreaded n-word in small talk.

Trump makes this worse by forgetting he’s not on reality TV anymore. He’s drawn out the drama with Warren by saying he’d pay her a million dollars if she’d take a DNA test and release the results. He now denies this offer, and Warren is asking him to pay up. We’ll see what happens next week on Gossip Girl.

Maybe the people saying “Wake up, Sheeple!” are onto something. There are bigger problems out there– children being held in prisons and having to defend themselves in court, people starving or civilians being caught in the crossfires of a war most don’t even know is about.

This doesn’t change how wrong Warren is by claiming she is Native American. Her DNA test results show a definite Native American ancestry connection, but this doesn’t make her a part of a tribe. If I was 1/1025 black I wouldn’t call myself black. She shouldn’t claim to be Native American, and everyone should respect what it really means to be a part of an ethnicity and culture.

What’s more, everyone should be concerned about the real issues. Wake up, sheeple.