Why fall in Texas is only good when it comes to the holidays


Courtesy of Creative Commons

Fall weather in Texas has been known to be quite volatile.

It’s been fall for a little under a month now, but Austin didn’t start seeing it until about last week when the weather went from 85 degrees and sunny to 48 degrees and rainy in a matter of just  days.

Now everyone can really “start dressin,’” and we’re officially in the one of the most miserable seasons– weather-wise, at least.

Hear me out. I’m all about sweaters, hot drinks and soups like every other basic person out there. But we have to get real about the fall, and the winter that will soon approach: the holidays are the only real good part of these seasons. Halloween,Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years are the only days of these seasons that get me through the bitter cold.

Fall fashion really is not as great as it’s hyped up to be every. single. year. Your wardrobe pretty much becomes the same combination of four colors of sweaters and pants, which is sore disappointment to my all my fellow shorts- and dress-loving folks.

I love wearing sweaters as much as the next person. But putting more than one or two layers induces one of the worst feelings: cold sweat. Because you need more than two layers to comfortably bear the cold, and once you arrive to your destination that’s likely to be warmed from a heater, you’ll start to sweat and have to peel off your layers– creating a pile of clothes with you everywhere you go.

This kind of weather makes getting out of bed the most daunting task of the day. The thought of changing your clothes and exposing your body to the cold that’s already started to permeate in your abode is in the Top 10 Worst Feelings Of All Time– just second to cold sweat.

After you’ve armored yourself up for the cold, chilling wind still finds a way to creep into the holes of your clothes and you’re a chattering mess when you walk to class. You could have 100 layers on, but there really isn’t much out there to shield your face from the cold. Before you know it, your Rudolphing it up with a dry and red nose.

The cold from fall and winter almost feels inescapable. No matter how many socks you wear, your toes are permanently cold for about five months. And let’s not forget the biggest tragedy of this weather– you have to wear close-toed shoes. If I can’t wear slip on shoes, it’s a definite no from me.

Fall and winter are not all doom and gloom. I will acknowledge that Thanksgiving and Christmas would surely not be the same without a little chill in the air. Christmas sweaters and hot chocolate are surely a mood for the holiday season– and frankly– I’ll get cranky when Texas has a hot Christmas.

Whatever October through January holidays you celebrate, these days surely make the weather worth it. But without the holidays, fall and winter would be The Most Miserable Time of The Year. I’m not here for static hair, cold sweat and dry skin.