Gofundme for Trump’s wall fails to be productive, more trouble than worth


Courtesy of Creative Commons

The Gofundme page raised almost $20 million before being shut down.

Courtesy of Jose Flores

In this article, we are discussing Gofundme: a website that allows you to raise money for just about anything with the only real requirement being that you reach your initial monetary goal. If you don’t reach the goal you don’t get the money; simple as that. Sometimes the goal is absolutely insane both logically and emotionally. In this case it’s the insane goal of reaching $1 billion dollars for a useless wall.

Knowing this makes it all the crazier that Donald Trump supporters created a Gofundme to pay for the wall that is supposed to span all across the border between Mexico and the U.S.A. These people were asking for one billion dollars: a sum of money so large that it could roughly pay to fix Flint, Michigan’s water problem 18 times over. Estimates place the cost at 55 million dollars.

The sum of one billion dollars is so immense that it is barely comprehensible, especially since individuals are trying to gather the money. If someone made a $25 million contribution each year, it would still take them 40 years to reach the $1 billion mark. That’s if one person was guaranteed to provide the funding each year.

Currently the Gofundme has only $20.3 million, which sounds like a lot but that money had to come from roughly 345,000 people, meaning that even they fall short of the 40 year plan to raise $1 billion for the wall.

What’s worse is the fact that their $1 billion goal is only a fraction of the $25 billion that Trump claims the wall will cost, which only gets worse when there are estimates claiming that the wall would realistically cost up to $70 billion. And after that it could cost another $150 million a year to maintain.

So, while I find this wall to be a disgusting display of white supremacy since most drugs get into America through legal ports of entry, most immigrants come to America legally through their visas and the fact that border crossing rates have dropped 90 percent, it is also a crazy idea.

There is just no good reason to build the wall. It could be argued this is a child’s concept of solving immigration. Or, it isn’t because I’m willing to bet that most young kids aren’t racist. Either way, it’s too expensive for the government and thankfully that means it’s also too expensive for most racists across the nation.

This is assuming that this Gofundme host isn’t scamming those funding this page, because, according to Buzzfeed, he has a habit of stealing donations and using them for other things. But, if you’re funding something as hateful as this then maybe you should get scammed by the idiot selling you your racist fantasies.

While you could help society by fighting equally as hard for healthcare, clean water, ending world hunger or even giving actual small businesses grants equal to the $25 billion to spur the economy; you don’t.