Society places unrealistic expectations on former first daughter


Courtesy of Creative Commons

Former first daughters, including the Clinton and Bush daughters, defended Malia on Twitter.

Imagine the overwhelming pressure a 20-year old faces with balancing a typical college-student social life while constantly trying to please the hovering microscope that society has placed on her.

That is the exact, and rather unfortunate, situation Malia Obama finds herself in as she was recently spotted drinking wine with her friends during a poolside weekend getaway to Miami.

When the news spread through media outlets about the former U.S. president’s daughter enjoying an alcoholic drink while underage, Malia was instantly faced with massive backlash from conservatives.

Conservative radio host Andrew Wilkow even tweeted about the incident, mocking Malia and Democrats about the “privilege” that Malia has.

The irony of this is that Wilkow, a white man, along with many other conservatives, seem to take pleasure in targeting Malia, a woman of color, to point out the “privilege” she seems to be living with. If it were any other person in her shoes, I am sure the magnitude of this incident would not be nearly as inflated as they are with Malia.

People are much harsher towards females’ possession of alcohol, and much more accepting of the underage drinking that dominates the “toxic masculine” frat house stereotype that is heavily associated with a college lifestyle.

In addition to the underage drinking situation, the Harvard student and Joe Biden’s granddaughter were both discovered in their participation with a secret Facebook page where she described President Trump as “evil.”

I have no idea how Malia feels right now, but the fact that any type of fun she tries to have or any form of political opinion she tries to express gets publicly exploited just for society to eat up and point them out as irresponsible flaws in her character.

As an American young adult, Malia should have the freedom to voice her ideas and opinions without feeling the constant pressure of how society is going to to frame her just because of her former tag as “first daughter.”

Typical college students are able to grow both mentally and intellectually through their ideas and the open-mindedness of others. So the fact the Malia and others in her position are deprived from that luxury is disappointing.

Though in no way do I condone underage drinking, realistically, it is something that many young adults experience before the arrival of their 21st birthday. What Malia did is looked at as “unbelievable” and “outrageous” when in reality, she is doing what many people her age are doing much more often and much less responsibly.

But because of the fact that her last name is “Obama”, Malia is put in such an unfair circumstance that she does not deserve to be in. If her last name was “Trump”, I wonder how differently the narrative would have been if there would have been any at all.