London ad showcases significance of mothers in society


Courtesy of Creative Commons

The ads appear in more than 30 Tube stations across London.

There has been some recent buzz about a London ad campaign that shows women’s post-childbirth bodies. The ad features 10 portrait photos of real mothers wearing their underwear, highlighting their scars and stretch marks and holding their newborn children.  

This is regarded as a huge step in the body positive movement and many are commending parenting retailer Mothercare on submitting this ad to London’s Transport for London and City Hall’s Women We See competition.

The competition encouraged advertisers to move away from gender stereotypes and create more positive and inclusive work.

That is exactly what this ad did. Although it did not win first place in the competition, it won first place in the eyes of mothers who need positive images that reaffirm just how much we appreciate all that women go through.

Women carry the very important ability to create life and it takes a great deal of work to get to that point. Society should in no way shame any part of what it takes for humanity to survive.

Women need to know and feel that at all points and times motherhood, while a choice, is a necessary part of life that is highly valued. Ads like this one help to remind society that motherhood is also a very costly choice.

This choice doesn’t just affect women financially, but mentally and physically as well. Society should be there to help pay some of that cost and remind women that they are not in this all alone. At every turn, society should help make motherhood as easy as possible and resist any type of motherly shaming, including body shaming.

In order to combat all forms of motherly shaming, society should also promote and support more communication mediums that spread the same message as this ad did. This ad is a big step in that direction.

Ads like this one do the all important work of assisting to break down unrealistic body image expectations and the current pressure some women go through to lose their so-called “baby weight.” It reminds us that all women are unique, valuable and beautiful.

It should also not go without noting that the women in the ad were all smiling, helping to remind us all that although motherhood can be a long and arduous journey, it is also one that’s filled with joy.

On display were mothers of all shapes, sizes and races. The attention was directed from all the other negative stereotypes and issues that could have come from this ad and the focus was always kept on the mothers and their positive body image.  

This ad hit all of the right notes and is one that should be repeated as often as possible by as many as possible. Society should never be afraid to show women just how much they are truly valued, and ads like this one accomplished just that.