How to be a decent Juuler on campus: be clean, be considerate, be discrete


Kelly Salinas/Hilltop Views

Juul banned popular flavors including mango, cucumber, fruit and creme on Nov. 13, 2018. Juul products aren’t intended for nonsmokers or anyone under 18.

Teen vaping has been declared an epidemic multiple times. The FDA cracked down on Juuls, limiting their flavor availability in stores. Juuls seem to be everywhere, particularly on campus. As adults, we have the ability to choose what we want to do, and vaping is no one else’s choice to make but the individual’s. Juul vapor is nearly undetectable, especially if the person hitting it is careful, but in the midst of this technology, we forget etiquette.

Juuling may be effective due to its discreteness, but there are scenarios where it is entirely inappropriate- mid lecture, in the library or in any place that is reserved for focus. Other areas like offices, much like smoking, juuling should be non disruptive. Juuling in a formal setting is disrespectful and classless. I’m not saying to never juul inside, but just keep it respectable. If you’re gonna do it, hide it. Don’t blow clouds in other people’s spaces.

Outside of the act of vaping itself, let’s talk about pods. I see pods on the ground all the time. Much like cigarette butts, you should dispose of them properly. Though the effects of cigarette materials leaching into the soil are horrific, polluting the earth with more plastic is not necessarily a better alternative. That goes for indoors as well. Don’t throw the Juul pod on the ground. Refill it with vape juice or something, it saves you money and lessens the environmental impact. Juuls exist as an alternative to smoking, but they are not exempt from common courtesy rules that everyone should follow.

The teen juuling epidemic is another facet of juuling that can’t be ignored even in adulthood. Even though they can be fruity and easy to hit, Juul products contain a lot of nicotine, with one pod containing as much nicotine as a pack of cigarettes. Whether as an adult you choose to juul or not, keeping the products away from children is essential. A nicotine addiction shouldn’t be easily attained, and these products should be kept out of the hands of teenagers. Teens are easily influenced, and the popularization of vaping through social media has drastic consequences.

I’m not here to tell anyone whether to juul or not. In fact, it doesn’t really matter whether you smoke or juul as long as you take others into consideration including yourself. There are plenty of health risks associated with the use of cigarettes. There are less with Juuls. Though we might not understand the full implications of juuling, they stand as a solid alternative to smoking at the moment as long as used respectfully.