Stress from housing, class registration should be irrelevant due to school size


Mariana Sarmiento Riano/Hilltop Views

St. Edward’s students signed up for housing between Feb. 25 and Feb. 26. Students will be able to register for classes starting April 3.

Stressing about being able to get housing and classes does not seem like something a student should have to worry about, but every semester we get those emails and the stress is inevitable.

One of the reasons that people choose a small school when going through the college selection process is that it is supposed to make it easier to get the classes and housing you want and need because there are less students to compete against. However, at this small liberal arts university there is nothing more stressful than housing and registration season.

Arguably, the worst of the two is housing selection. The process for the sign up times makes no sense, and some students get priority over others. We all know that athletes get first pick at housing, because even at a small school, athletes are still above the rest of us. Then, as of recently, there has also been priority for Pavilions students, which is understandable. However, I bet you didn’t know that students with certain scholarships get priority sign up too, such as Moreau Scholars.

As a senior, you pretty much have to go in to the housing portal knowing you aren’t going to get the housing you want because we are given the last slots possible. This year, because of past events, we all knew everything was going to be full. At this point, even transfer students that just came in January know not to choose the Pavilions, so it was a Hunger Games moment to see who would get the apartments.

Students were placed on waitlists, and depending on who you emailed and when some were lucky enough to get a housing option they were happy with.

On the other hand, choosing your classes is slightly less stressful, in my opinion, and the process makes much more sense. I understand why certain classifications get to register first, and why athletes once again get priority.

As a freshman or sophomore, you still have a lot of classes you need that makes switching classes easier. While juniors and seniors have less time to take those classes and their options are also limited.

Still, every student knows the anxiety of missing their alarm to wake up at 8 am to input their pin and register for their classes. The little bit of true agony we all feel as the little wheel turns and we wait to find out whether or not we have successfully registered. Then, the little heart attack we feel when the red exclamation mark and the word “FULL” pops up next to one of the classes.

However, academic advisors and school deans are understanding of the registration process, and I haven’t heard of a single student that didn’t get to graduate because they didn’t get a class they needed. Which is why I feel this is process does not compare to housing selection.

What gets me about this process is the technical difficulties. My freshman year Banner 9 just shut down on me, and I had to go through another website and input the CRN numbers. I know that nothing is perfect and technology has its flaws, but this is the one thing that needs to work at a school. It’s the entire reason that we all pay to go here, so the least the system could do is work.  

I don’t pretend to know the solution to these processes and systems, but I do know there has to be a better way. All I know is I have signed up for housing for the last time, and I am about to register for classes for the last time and that is a relief I can’t explain.