New film releases worth experiencing on the silver screen this semester


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The final film of the ‘Star Wars’ saga will mark the start of a three year movie hiatus for the franchise.

Some of the year’s best films come out during the fall semester. While some are going to be worth seeing in the theaters, others can wait. Here is one movie each month that you should not pass up seeing in a movie theater.


While “It: Chapter 2” is the bigger blockbuster this month, when choosing to go to the theater, I want to see something that seeing on my television won’t do it justice. “Ad Astra” is the movie to see when it’s released Sept. 20.

“Ad Astra” is a sci-fi space epic directed by James Gray and starring Brad Pitt. Space movies hand themselves to a wondrous theater-going experience. The film is also going to get an Imax release, which is always worth the extra money to see a movie that looks this visually stunning.


The month of October has a lot of great films coming out and should be a month spent at the theater. As much as “Joker” should be the highlight of the month, Robert Eggers film “The Lighthouse” is going to be a cinematic psychological drama that should be the perfect film to watch this Halloween.

While Eggers is coming off his 2015 horror film “The Witch,” “The Lighthouse” has some horror, but audiences should not expect to be throwing their popcorn in the air.

Eggers filmed in 35mm black and white film, and with today’s projection technology it is sure to look amazing on-screen and should be up for a best cinematography nomination. Also, don’t be surprised if the Alamo Drafthouse has a 35mm screening when it hits theaters on Oct. 18.


There is no other choice this November than seeing “Doctor Sleep” when it hits theaters on Nov. 8. “Doctor Sleep” is the sequel to Stephen King’s best selling book “The Shining,” also one of the greatest horror movies ever made from director Stanley Kubrick. Mike Flanagan has the daunting task of doing a sequel to arguably the most iconic Kubrick film. Even though Flanagan’s first two feature films are underwhelming, if “Doctor Sleep” is anything like his Netflix series “The Haunting of Hill House,” audiences should be in for a big scare.


On Dec. 20, “Star Wars: The Rise of SkyWalker,” marks the end of a 42-year long saga that spans nine movies. The conclusion for these characters will be worth seeing in theaters. If the film is anything like the footage that came out at the D23 Expo in August, then it’s sure to be a home run for long time fans.

All the question from “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” should be answered. The newest footage released in at D23 shows pleanty of call backs to the original trilogy. with the return of some key characters. Then again trailors can also be used to throw people off when they see the film and some of the footage.

Honorable Mention

Add “Joker” to your October must see list along with “The Lighthouse” when it comes out on the fourth. Joaquin Phoenix must have seen something to sink his teeth into to put on the clown make-up and become the most iconic vilian of all time. Phoenix’s protrayl of the Joker could be a better portrayal then Heath Ledger in “The Dark Knight” and earn himself an Oscar nomination. According to Variety the film garndered an eight minute standing ovation at its premiere at the Venice Film Festival. The final trailer showed that this is going to be a dark film that dives deep into the villain that seems to only want to watch the world burn.