“IT” sequel leaves much to be desired; Bill Hader’s performance only saving grace


Courtesy of Creative Commons

Pennywise the Clown is portrayed by Bill Skarsgård in both “IT” movies. “IT Chapter Two” premiered in theaters on Sept. 6

“IT Chapter Two” premiered on September 6 nationwide. We’re taken back to the dreaded town, Derry, 27 years later to remeet our favorite losers. 

With a star studded cast, “IT Chapter Two” is a must-see. The adult version of the seven kids we’ve grown to love were perfectly casted. Jessica Chastain’s fiery red hair made her a perfect pair for Beverly, James Ransone’s looks and sarcasm made him a perfect Eddie, and Bill Hader’s entire being perfectly reflected Richie (and essentially held the entire movie together.)

“IT Chapter Two” delves into much deeper territory while bringing more creep factor and jump scares than its predecessor. While there was a lot more to look at and experience in this sequel, “IT 2” went too far. We weren’t given a chance to breathe and while that can sometimes be a good thing, the movie was just overkill.

It’s normal to feel uneasy and anxious after watching a scary movie, but after watching “IT 2,” I was gasping for air. There was too much tension in the movie that definitely didn’t need to be there, and too much repetition of the same spooky stuff. 

The only thing that occasionally broke this horrible tension was none other than Hader. Hader’s natural charm and his character Richie’s sense of humor had the entire theatre laughing. Did we laugh because he was funny? Did we laugh because we were nervous? Did we laugh because how could we not laugh when Hader graced the screen with his presence? I’d vouch for the last one.

Despite a few flaws in the script, the “losers” pre and post puberty absolutely killed it– literally! I have never seen a cast with more chemistry than these seven underdogs. What the film lacked in realistic visuals, it made up for in character. The characters in the story saved the film and made this three hour movie worth it. 

While this movie got 62% on Rotten Tomatoes, the blame solely falls on the director, Andres Muschietti. The cast did their best with what they were given. If this movie didn’t have such a spectacular cast, I don’t think it’d stay afloat. But because of their excellence, we’ll all float along.

Muschietti does a spectacular job at bringing us into each individual character’s world and I appreciate that. We get to know them on a more personal level– their fears, their regrets, who they love. We get to see their patterns and why they are the way that they are. We learn why these “losers” decided to come back to Derry and why they’ll never forget it again.

We also get a quick cameo from the original creator of this world and an homage to one of his best movies, “The Shining.” Because of this, we have no choice but to forgive Muschietti for the cheesy gore element of the movie.

Would I watch this movie again? 100 %! I’d watch it a thousand times over just to hear Hader’s laugh, but I’d still watch it a hundred times to get back into this crazy, weird world that Muschietti created.