Texans have better chance to represent the state in Super Bowl

John Walker, Life & Arts Editor

After four weeks of football, both Texas teams look ready for a deep playoff run. The Dallas Cowboys and the Houston Texans might be in different conferences, but the chances for an all-Texas Super Bowl are pretty good. However, only the Texans will be able to come close to the 2020 Super Bowl. 

The Texans benefit from a less competitive division, conference and schedule. These make it easier for Houston to walk into the playoffs. They aren’t good enough to get a first-round bye, neither team is. But Houston will play an easier opponent during Wild-Card weekend. 

The Texans sit atop the AFC South due to their better conference record compared to the Indianapolis Colts. Both the Colts and the Jacksonville Jaguars are still trying to figure out their quarterback situation and have mediocre defenses. The Texans have it all put together and can continue to roll through their division. 

Even though Dallas lost its first game in Week 4, their division is starting to get more competitive. The Philadelphia Eagles have been plagued with injuries to their receiving core and have lost games due to offensive turnovers and small mistakes that change outcomes of games. If Daniel Jones of the New York Giants can prove his consistency, the Giants might have found new life in a young quarterback. 

The conference is also way more competitive than Dallas can handle. The Texans biggest concern is if the Buffalo Bills can hang with the New England Patriots in the East, forcing the Patriots to play during Wild-Card weekend. Also, they would currently take the third seed because they have a better conference record compared to Cleveland.

Dallas also currently sits at the fourth seed in the conference behind Green Bay and New Orleans because the Packers and Saints strength of wins is better than Dallas. That means so far the Packers and Saints have played stronger competition and earned wins against better teams. Dallas has played three of the worst teams in the league prior to week four. They played the Miami Dolphins and the Washington Redskins who both have 0-3 records and the Giants who have a 1-2 record. 

When they start getting into the bulk of the schedule, where the stronger teams are, they are going to lose. Dallas will play eight of its next 13 games against teams that are above .500. Houston will play eight of its next 13 games against teams who are below .500. Houston has a weak schedule and will walk into a playoff spot. Dallas will have to fight each week to earn their place. 

Right now Dallas has not proven to me that they can play teams at their or above their competition level. The vote of confidence among fans is embarrassing to think that they are automatic Super Bowl contenders or winners. 

Houston has finally fixed its offensive line problems, and Deshaun Watson has proven that he is the guy in Houston. Houston’s more favorable schedule will ultimately give them a higher seeding come playoff time. Houston should continue this roll through the NFL and Dallas will start to struggle after Week 4.