Electric vehicles can save planet by reducing carbon emissions



Electric vehicles produce an average of 4,450 pounds of carbon emissions, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Traditional vehicles produce more than twice the amount of carbon annually.

After the UN climate summit this past month, many people doubt that any change would make a difference and even question whether change is possible considering the rising cost of green energy. There are plenty of things that both the average person and government can do to promote green energy and smoothen the transition. 

First, we can become leaders in the green energy movement. The government needs to change how it invests its money into research and projects. It can become more involved in the process by allocating money to fund research in green products like energy-efficient cars, solar panel parts, and alternative fuel creation. 

Instead of promising factory workers their old jobs back, why not try creating new jobs in green energy fields? Many democratic presidential candidates are in favor of leading the way in hybrid and alternative energy car manufacturing, and the manufacturing of American made solar panels. Investing in new jobs is the easiest way to fix the outsourcing of jobs to other countries since the Made in America campaign has boomed. 

Along with the government changes, the American people can also make changes in their own lives. The free market is the best determiner because the consumer ultimately tells companies what to make and they will continue to sell what we want to buy. Buying a hybrid or electric-powered car can be one simple step to moving towards greener living. It lowers our dependence on oil companies and promotes greener projects for car companies.

You may complain that your gas-guzzling SUV is more expensive because of the tax on those cars, but the government can give a tax break that encourages buying alternative fueled cars. An encourager in the market works better than a deterrent because some people may not care about an extra tax to get what they want. 

Moving to solar power is the most energy-friendly thing you can do in your home. You create and store your own energy and become your own power plant of green fuel. Even though some homes might not get huge power bills, imagine getting to a point where you would never have to pay for electricity again. They also add value to your home. One study found that for an average size solar panel array, buyers were willing to pay an extra $12,000 to $15,000 and even more for larger arrays. 

Making changes in our lives to become greener is not easy. We must pay more because of how dependent we have become on coal and oil companies to power everything we do. You may or may not believe how serious the problem is, but any changes we make to reduce carbon emissions are good for the environment. It’s like when the doctor tells you, “You should lose some weight.” You can do nothing and have health problems later in life, or you can change your eating and exercise patterns to avoid future issues later in life.