FACEOFF: Cold weather is ideal for seasonal treats, holidays, time spent with family


Courtesy of Creative Commons

Carving pumpkins for Halloween is a historic tradition passed down from Celtic immigrants. It is one of the many activities people enjoy during the fall season.


Now that fall is finally here, the weather is starting to cool down. While a low of 66 degrees may not seem like much for others around the world, it is a significant drop in temperature for Austinites. There are several reasons why cold weather is better than warm weather. For starters, the breezy weather makes a busy day easier. 

Personally, hot weather exhausts me, making it harder to get through my day. I know many people who feel lethargic in hot weather and prefer cooler or even very cold weather. Secondly, having cool weather in Texas is a nice change of pace. Cold weather doesn’t last long in Texas, making it feel refreshing after months of 100 degree weather. 

With the hot temperature being such a constant for Texas weather, having colder weather is a nice change of pace, especially since it never lasts long here. After months of weather upwards of 100 degrees, I personally need a break. The feeling of being out in the cold for a long time and finally going home and being able to curl up with a blanket has always been a comforting feeling for me. The feeling of being out in the heat for a long time, on the other hand, has always been exhausting and miserable. 

Curling up with a warm drink on a cold day always provides a comfortable and cozy feeling. 

Another reason cooler weather is better is because of the food and drinks that come with the season. As an avid foodie, I look forward to fall and winter-themed treats and drinks that hit coffee shops and bakeries. Cool weather seasons bring flavors such as pumpkin spice, maple, chai, eggnog, peppermint and gingerbread. I love seeing what kind of treats these flavors inspire bakeries, coffee shops and restaurants to come up with. It’s always disappointing when these seasons end and the flavors are no longer available. 

The celebrations of the fall and winter seasons always end up putting me in a calm and comfortable mood. I’m a big fan of the holidays that come with the cooler months. Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are the best times of the year, and it’s just not the same if the weather is warm during these times. There are so many events to partake in in cold weather, and even more in the rare event that it snows. Sitting by a fire with family and friends during the holidays is always enjoyable. 

Cold weather is honestly underrated. Summer and spring weather  provides other activities such as spending time outdoors and enjoying cool beverages. However, a whole different mood and mindset comes with cold weather. It would be much nicer if we could enjoy the cold weather festivities for even longer.