Trudeau obtains undeserved second term despite past scandals


Infographic by Gracie Watt

Justin Trudeau is officially still the Prime Minister of Canada as he won the tight race to victory, securing his second term. The road to reelection was not a smooth one for Trudeau. Voters reflected on past scandals and new, alarming ones such as the photos of the Prime Minister in blackface. However, throughout it all, Trudeau prevailed and will serve a second term.

While Trudeau has done a lot of good for the Canadian people, whether or not he deserved to secure a second term is highly in question. Many controversial decisions and scandals have been discovered in Trudeau’s government through the course of his leadership.

Trudeau first came into office as Prime Minister in November of 2015. He was seen as somewhat of a Canadian savior, especially on social media. He promised to be a liberal leader who would fight for indigenous people’s rights and environmental rights. However, just a year later, he announced the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain project, which was heavily debated by environmental and indigenous groups — the same groups he had previously promised to protect.

This project would triple the pipeline’s capacity to hold 890,000 barrels of crude oil from Alberta to British Columbia’s coast. However, a court ruling brought the project to a halt. This year, however, construction was announced to begin, and 3.5 billion dollars went toward its progress.

While the graphic provided focuses more on the scandals of Trudeau’s government, in 2017 he did offer some kind sentiments to the indigenous people and the LGBTQ community of Canada.

But these words don’t mean much when little action was put behind them.

Trudeau was investigated and found to have broken the federal conflict of interest rules when he vacationed to an island owned by the Aga Khan and took a private helicopter in December of 2017. Later, in July of 2018, reporter Rose Knight came forward about Trudeau assaulting her in 2000.

These scandals prove that Trudeau is not a man of his word. He may sound like a dream for many liberals, but in actuality, he has disappointed Canadians from both sides of the political spectrum. We can only hope that in his second term his promises will be backed by more action.