Christmas comes early with romantic comedy perfect for holiday season


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While the film earned a 51% on the Rotten Tomatoes meter, it earned an 81% from the audience. Check you local theater for show times.

If you’re looking for a way to get into the Christmas spirit early this year, you’re in luck, because “Last Christmas” just hit theaters.

“Last Christmas” is a holiday romantic comedy starring Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding as the two main love interests. The story is about Kate (Clarke) a woman who is recovering from a fatal health scare that occurred the Christmas before. 

Kate tends to be more of a Scrooge type, being more on the reckless side and quite selfish. That is when she meets Tom (Golding), a mysterious, sweet stranger, who will help Kate change her selfish ways. 

This movie is a nice cup of holiday cheer. It had very witty dialogue which gave every character a chance to shine, and even had a sweet and charming romance that would make any audience member swoon. The way Tom is able to help Kate open up about her past and help her see who she has become and help her change her ways is very touching and would pull on anyone’s heartstrings.. 

“Last Christmas” also takes a moment to address the current political climate in England right now, which I thought was very interesting and sets it aside from the normal holiday romantic comedy. 

With Brexit happening in the United Kingdom, this movie takes several touching scenes and emotional moments of dialogue to show what it feels like to live in England right now. I thought that this side plot was an interesting addition, and that it helped give Kate and her family more depth and give the audience a better understanding of the effects Brexit has caused its people.

Other than the political commentary, there is really nothing that sets aside this movie from any other Hallmark movie made during this time of year. It was a basic plot with a “twist” ending that was really seen from a mile away.

Without giving too much away, Tom’s character, after a few scenes of not learning anything about him, creates a lot of suspicion for what his character is there for besides being charming and helping the protagonist learn from her rather unhealthy ways. 

Tom is portrayed as whimsical and lovable, but we never learn anything about him. So by the middle of the movie, the audience knows there will be a twist ending that will explain why he has been quite mysterious. However, the twist ending is very predictable which takes away from his character.

The movie even tries to have a moral lesson of “looking up” and noticing everything around you instead of being involved in yourself, but Kate never really learns this. She just keeps getting told to “look up” by Tom and then learns to be a better person, but the two things never really come together which weakens the movie’s overall message. 

Although this movie is just a guaranteed few steps up from whatever is on the Hallmark channel right now, the cast really sets this movie apart. It is definitely worth seeing if you are looking for a way to get into the holiday spirit and tug at your heart strings. Clarke is absolutely charming and who would ever not want to see Golding play an absolute sweetheart for an hour and a half?