Popeyes’ employees are human beings, should be respected


Popeyes announced the return of its popular chicken sandwich on Nov. 3, filling their customers with excitement.

Heaven on Earth. The Holy Grail. A cause worth fighting for. A matter of life and death. Of course, these are all statements describing the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich! What else?

After sitting in the Popeyes drive-thru line for over 30 minutes, one would really think the nation would be freaking out over more than just chicken and bread.

Many can agree that Popeyes serves really good chicken. So when the news broke that they were coming out with a chicken sandwich, loads of people were excited about this new addition to the menu. People were expecting this, like the other items on Popeyes menu, to be really good. Yet, somehow, the excitement for this new sandwich has become heavily overhyped due to social media’s expectations for the chicken sandwich to be amazing.

In fact, due to the social media hype, the sandwich sold out two weeks it was announced. It was initially taken off the menu because of all the violent outbreaks that have been shown all over the news the sandwich has caused. 

With all the overhype caused by this sandwich, the amount of actual blood, sweat, and tears that have been put into getting this sandwich is scary.

In Maryland, a man was stabbed to death in a Popeyes parking lot because he cut in line to get a chicken sandwich. It is truly revolting that a sandwich, which was unjustly blown out of proportion, can cause so much outbreak that cutting a line has caused someone to lose their life. 

The way customers have wreaked havoc on Popeyes all over the nation is appalling. Workers are just trying to do their job and are being attacked almost daily all because of an overhyped sandwich that costs less than five dollars. 

Many Popeyes around the nation have reported customers getting out of hand and violent when it comes to the sandwich being out of stock. Workers have been yelled at and have had customers climb across the counter. Customers have even begun to fight in line causing workers to get involved and separate them in order to stop a fight from happening. 

For customers to feel the need to start fights and screaming matches in public over cutting in line or not getting a sandwich, you would think we somehow traveled all the way back to kindergarten where kids throw tantrums and cry when they do not get what they want when they want it.

Popeyes has spoken out several times to their devoted fans to be more patient and civilized when it comes to buying the chicken sandwich. 

This is outrageous. This social media craze has caused people to throw out all human decency. It caused people to see this sandwich as a perfect thing that everyone must stop at nothing to get. People are treating Popeyes workers like they are an obstacle in their way. Customers have no right to treat employees so badly. Social media has put this sandwich on a pedestal so people have become desensitized to what they are fighting for, chicken and bread. It’s truly tragic that the Popeyes chicken sandwich hype on social media has caused more people to get up and go wait in line for over 30 minutes for chicken and bread than social media can convince people to get up and vote.

If you are thinking about going and getting a Popeyes chicken sandwich, just remember what you are there for and be nice to the employees. They want you to enjoy the sandwich as much as you do. Is the Popeyes chicken sandwich good? Yeah, it’s chicken and bread, what’s not to like? Is it worth starting fights and climbing over counters? Of course not, it’s chicken and bread.