A sequel never bothered me anyway, but ‘Frozen 2’ struggles to live up to predecessor

The sequel to the incredibly successful Disney animated movie “Frozen” hit theaters last Thursday, and it is quite the let down.

Our story begins where “Frozen” left off. Everything seems to be going well, but when a mysterious voice starts calling to Elsa trouble starts arising. The kingdom of Arendelle finds itself in grave peril Anna and Elsa, accompanied by Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven, will journey into the Enchanted Forest and unlock its secrets.

The mystery surrounding the Enchanted Forest pulls the movie forward narratively, while  the creatures and spirits inhabiting it enrich the story, creating fun moments for our two heroines. Through the movie our protagonist face new challenges, like learning to let go of the past and embracing change. Not all the challenges are metaphysical. Our protagonists have to face the four spirits protecting the Enchanted Forest: the fire spirit (a very cute salamander), the earth spirits (terrifying rock giants), the wind spirit, and the mysterious water spirit.

While there is an argument to be made that “Frozen 2”  is an unnecessary sequel, the movie delves deeper into the lore of the original and allows for the protagonist to grow and learn new lessons. 

There’s always one thing viewers can expect when watching a Disney animation: it will be beautifully animated. The facial and body animation perfectly captures the struggles of each character, and the Enchanted Forest is the perfect place for Disney animators to stretch their creative muscles. The different creatures and varying landscape gave Disney animators a creative challenge, especially when animating the water spirit.

While the animation is spectacular, the same cannot be said about the music department. “Frozen 2” suffers from a recent trend in Disney musicals. Much like last year’s “Mary Poppins Returns,” the music is dull, boring and unimaginative compared to the original film. “Let It Go” captivated audiences in the original, but this movie lacks that powerful moment with their new song, “Into the Unknown.” Perhaps it is just a case of suffering from one’s own success, but the massive cult following around “Let It Go” set the sequel up for failure musically.

“Frozen 2” could have focused on a romantic route, but thankfully avoids it, remaining focused on the two sisters. 

At times it seems the protagonists do not learn the crucial lesson of the first movie: doing things hand in hand and relying on each other. At one point in the movie, Anna even comments on this — but that still doesn’t excuse it.

Even though the story is much more convoluted than the original and incredibly predictable, “Frozen 2” is a fun watch if you have nothing else to do. 

Unless you are a die-hard fan of Anna and Elsa, I would recommend waiting until the movie comes out on Disney+. Unoriginal movies should not be rewarded with our money, and there are so many better ways to spend $10.