Avoid Advent calendars this season; spend money wisely



The first known Advent calendar was made in 1851. The traditional treat found under each day is a chocolate candy, but it has expanded over the years.

‘Tis the season for buying gifts for friends and family. Many people either know what they want to buy, or stress over what to pick out for their loved ones. 

There are easy-to-find gifts online, one of which is the Advent calendar. Advent calendars are used to count the days in anticipation of Christmas with gifts waiting to be opened. 

The issue with Advent calendars is that the consumer is not getting the value of what they are buying, which is why I think people should not bother buying them. Advent calendars are a cash grab.

According to a BBC report, there are many kinds of Advent calendars for different kinds of consumers. There are beauty Advent calendars, Advent calendars for kids and more. 

However, most of the calendars  for adults don’t provide the best kinds of products. Beauty calendars, for example, usually provide sample-sized products. Advent calendars don’t give consumers the opportunity to properly test out a product since they are very small. Most of the products that are included are also a rip-off.

There are kinds of Advent calendars that are extremely expensive. The Diptyque Advent calendar costs $425. For that amount of money, the consumer would receive 15 mini candles, seven personal fragrances and some skin-care products. 

If the consumer is aiming to buy luxurious products, they should just buy the full-sized products rather than the miniature sizes. In this case, they would be getting the value of what they are buying rather than wasting tons of money on an Advent calendar.

There might be some buyers that think the product can be exciting for everyone of all ages. Others might think that the calendars provide the pleasure of getting a gift 24 days before Christmas. However, the case is that the consumer buying the product is not getting what they are actually paying for. 

Sephora’s 2019 Advent calendar, according to many reviews, did not provide the consumer with the value of what they paid for. The calendar was very nicely packaged, but inside, the buyer only received samples that they could easily get for free from the store. 

My suggestion is that people should buy gifts that are worth the hard-earned cash. Putting money into Advent calendars is a waste and is not worth it whatsoever. People deserve to receive amazing gifts during Christmas time. Buy something that is of importance for your loved ones.