Mcbaise’s latest single suggests a sultry, unapologetic upcoming EP

Let’s talk about sex. Particularly sex in the music of relatively under-the-radar indie bands from France — just to narrow the scope. 

Need a segue into the topic? Need to alleviate the awkwardness with a smooth melody? Hit play on “She’s a Big Boy” by Mcbaise, the bands latest single in anticipation of their latest EP. 

It’s in your face and it’s unavoidable. The message is blatantly clear, but hey, it’s got a nice beat to it. It’s addicting, almost. Some may even say hypnotizing. It’s all deliberate and it’s genius. 

“Let’s play cowboy / Seven inch toy / At your belt.”

Cowboys are a well-known emblem of Americana, — as is folk music and probably rustic saloons, or something. Perhaps they’re singing about the barrel of a revolver, but let’s be real: these probably aren’t the themes being discussed by the French quartet. 

This is the kind of song meant to make you feel uncomfortable, but not necessarily in a bad way. 

Mcbaise, who hail from the south of France, are currently based in east London, though scattered across music streaming platforms and present on Spotify playlists with titles ranging from “Psychedelic Indie Rock” to the simple “Dirty Melody.” The description of the latter? “Everything Dirty With A Melody.” Fair enough. An enticing hook worth exploring, at the least. 

Matthieu Bessudo (Mcbess) himself has described his music as sexy, so double meaning isn’t exactly a long shot here. 

“That’s the goal. It’s like a tropical-day-at-the-beach type of feel. That’s what I was trying to get at,” the band’s founding member disclosed in an interview with Radiotrails.

Mcbaise’s music is undeniably sultry. Intentionally so, as their sharp rhythm tempts the body to sway almost naturally. There’s a certain spell a sultry rhythm can cast on people. It enlivens the senses and compels even the most timid of listeners to move. 

Both an illustrator and musician, Mcbess produced the song’s music video as well, introduced as “A Mcbess moving picture.” The video has already garnered over 1.4 million views on youtube following its November release. 

The band’s upcoming EP, “Raviolo,” is shaping up to be a good time. The album art alone is a double entendre in picture form, — ravioli shaped objects that eerily resemble condom packaging and condom packaging that resembles ravioli — although I doubt there’s any intention there!

Desire is expressed in endless ways, through endless mediums. Mcbaise conveys it quite well through song. The mix of risqué lyricism and lighthearted album art balances out the assumed seriousness of a topic that is literally all around us. Sex is a part of life — it’s talked about, sought after, enjoyed and not going anywhere — so why not release a groovy single about it?

The song isn’t necessarily just about sex, though. 

“Can you please tell me / What’s underneath my bed? / Oh, the monsters / They ain’t just inside my head,” Mcbess sings in verse two.

It seems he goes through real bouts of existentialism just like the rest of us. The song does immediately transition back into its provocative chorus, though. 

She’s a big boy now / She’s a big boy,” he sings, which, might I add, is repeated a ton (but in a way that works). The catchy beat supplements the repetition nicely. So much so that the repetition is drowned out in what is arguably an instance of musical seduction. 

It’s been over two years since the release of Mcbaise’s sophomore album, “Windowsill,” which features their hit single and most-streamed song, “Le Jardin” (Which is also worth a listen, or 10. The way Mcbess says “obscure” at 1:34 is a valid enough reason to). 

While a little late in the game, “She’s a Big Boy” is one of the best songs of 2019. After their brief hiatus, it is clear that the band is coming back with a bang. And I promise no pun is intended. 

“Raviolo” is set to release on Jan. 17, 2020.