49ers versus Chiefs expected to be thrilling Super Bowl following last year’s let-down


Jeffrey Beall / Wiki Creative Commons

2018 NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes is preparing for his Super Bowl debut. He will lead the Kansas City Chiefs against the San Francisco 49ers in the showpiece event on Feb. 2.

Objectively speaking, the 2019 Super Bowl was a disappointment — a highly anticipated Super Bowl matchup that instead devolved into the worst football championship in recent memory, with conservative offenses that made zero effort to make impact plays and mediocre defenses that couldn’t apply turnovers. Nothing exciting happened until the game clock struck seven minutes and the New England Patriots finally scored a touchdown in the fourth quarter, when the game was still tied 3-3. 

The moment the Patriots were eliminated by the Tennessee Titans in the AFC wild-card round this season, there was almost a palpable sense of relief among football fans. Finally, we wouldn’t have to sit through a fourth consecutive Super Bowl featuring Tom Brady and the Pats.

Thankfully, football fans were gifted what would appear to be a heavyweight battle in Miami between the high-flying offense of Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs and the dominantly defensive San Francisco 49ers that have hopes of earning a sixth Super Bowl ring, tying the Steelers and Patriots. 

What makes this game so enticing and filled to the brim with hype for all football watchers at home or at tailgates isn’t just the player stats and performances, but the storylines involved. 

You have the Chiefs, who made it to their second Super Bowl since 1969 (the fourth Super Bowl ever played) and the 49ers, who lost against the Baltimore Ravens in the 2013 Super Bowl. 

And despite what their record would suggest, it seemed like the Chiefs had been figured out early on by the rest of the league. However, the playoffs showed us why Patrick Mahomes was the MVP last season, as he and the team put together heroic performances against the Texans and the Titans. 

The 49ers, however, consistently looked like one of if not the best team in the NFC all season. Their stingy defense has been electric all year, behind talents such as Nick Bosa and the playoff emergence of Richard Sherman. Pair that defense with a more than capable offense, and you have a very dangerous team.

Also, you have coaches Andy Reid and Kyle Shanahan, both of which were destined to win a Super Bowl but were brutally defeated by (guess who?) Tom Brady and the Pats.


For my money, I have to place my bet on the Kansas City Chiefs. Reid is due for a ring and Mahomes is bound to redeem himself after his lost to the Patriots at home in 2019 in the AFC Conference Championship. A game-winning touchdown pass or a goal line stand to overcome the 49ers is my predicted outcome. 28-23, Chiefs.


San Francisco has been stellar all season, but I think that Kansas City is peaking at the perfect time. I expect a 34-31 Chiefs victory in a fun and energetic game, probably with a shootout in the final quarter. Patrick Mahomes will be Super Bowl MVP and all will be right in the world, at least for the night.