2020 proves to be year of genre defining films with these 4 upcoming releases


Jonny Cournoyer

While John Krasinski might not be staring in the fallow up to his successful 2018 film, he does return to direct this post-apocalyptic thriller. It’s currently finishing up postproduction ahead of its March release date.

As we enter 2020, we open the doors to another year of mainstream and independent filmmakers pitching out potentially ingenious works of cinematic storytelling.

2019 brought masterworks like “Avengers: Endgame,” “Joker,” “Frozen II,” “1917” and others that fostered awe. However, 2020 does have some upcoming releases to get excited about. Here are some releases that will leave you running to the movies.

“A Quiet Place Part II” (March 20)

“A Quiet Place” was indeed a critical and financial knockout, delivering on its premise and horror factor while also using the aspect of silence to its best advantage (rather than being a gimmicky way to jump scare people). John Krasinski is back in the director’s chair as the sequel seems to be picking up right where the original left off. Evelyn Abbott (Emily Blunt), and her children encounter human survivors of the post-apocalyptic landscape while facing hordes of clairvoyant extraterrestrial creatures, giving us a vibe of something you would see out of the only good season of “The Walking Dead.”

“Tenet” (July 17)

It can’t be an anticipated movies list without featuring Christopher Nolan. After handling concepts like dreams within dreams in “Inception,” Nolan is taking the opportunity of creating a film about a secret agent preventing World War III through the use of time travel. The film has an unbelievable cast with John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki and Michael Caine. Judging by the trailers and seeing how Nolan is helming the ship, I suspect an ambiguous ending that will screw with our minds. Who knows what could happen?

“West Side Story” (Dec. 18)

Along with “In The Heights,” Steven Spielberg’s remake of the best picture-winning “West Side Story” should be something to look forward to. The original was a modernized approach to the classic Shakespeare play “Romeo and Juliet.”  With Spielberg behind the camera, I’m curious as to how he can direct the musical numbers and acquire the right actors for the job to execute something that will hopefully serve as a fantastic musical and somewhat of an homage to musicals from the 50s and 60s.

“Dune” (Nov. 20)

If there’s one film that everyone should flock to their local theatre for, it’s this one. Denis Villeneuve is one of the most auspicious filmmakers in Hollywood, directing strokes of mastery with one of the best sequels in “Blade Runner 2049” and the sci-fi drama, “Arrival.” 

His current project is unfolding to be a near-unfilmable adaptation of Frank Herbert’s epic that David Lynch divided critics with in 1984. Hopefully, we get a trailer for it sometime in the summer so we can see what brilliance Villeneuve can devise. With a phenomenal cast, potential world-building and the well-renown source material on his shoulders, this may be a genre-defining game-changer.