Texas organizations accept donations, volunteers to support communities affected by COVID-19


Drew Beamer Unsplash/ Graphic by Gracie Watt

Families affected by Covid-19 struggle to feed their families after layoffs. Organizations like Kid’s Meals and Meals on Wheels are feeding these families daily.

During COVID-19, many organizations are stepping in to help those in need. While many people are struggling financially, there are ways to help organizations by safely donating or volunteering. These are a few organizations in Texas helping people in need. 

The Texas Association of Community Health

For those in Texas who are uninsured and worrying about finding a health center to go to, The Texas Association of Community Health organized a website for people to search for health center networks, health centers and others who would provide for the uninsured.

The Texas Education Agency

Another factor during this time of social distancing, especially for college students, is finding affordable meals. Since many students who lost their jobs are struggling to make ends meet, it is  great to see organizations such as the Texas Education Agency finding ways to help students in need. This is why the Texas Education Agency designed a student meal finder map where students can find local, fresh meals near them. 

Texas Diaper Bank

For many people, being able to go to the store and buy simple necessities such as diapers is more difficult during this time, as many people have begun hoarding toiletries. Texas Diaper Bank is helping by sending diapers, menstrual pads and other hygienic products to Texans.

The Coastal Bend Food Bank

If you live near Corpus Christi, the Coastal Bend Food Bank has gathered to provide meals and cleaning kits to low-income families in need. On their website, in order to help people find food, one can put in their location and find the closest CBFB to them. They are also always looking for volunteers and open to donations

Kid’s Meals and Interfaith Ministries Meals on Wheels for Greater Houston

In Houston, Kid’s Meal organization is accepting donations in order to deliver meals to children in need. Interfaith Ministries Meals on Wheels for Greater Houston is also serving meals and donating food to seniors all around the greater Houston area. This organization is also accepting donations. If you are from the Houston area, there are a ton of organizations such as these, including the Houston Food Bank, that are always looking for donations and volunteers (more information about how to volunteer is on the website linked above). 

El Paso Food Bank

El Paso Food Bank is gathering food and supplies for those in need in their area, and is also looking for volunteers and donations to help out however they can during these troubling times. 

The Austin Creative Alliance

With all of the chaos going on, local artists are also struggling to make ends meet. Because of this, the Austin Creative Alliance has created the Artist Emergency Relief Fund for artists who have lost their income due to the coronavirus. 

North Texas organizations to help and support

If you live in the North Texas area, and want to also help local organizations during this time. The link above is a list of several organizations that you can donate to and see what they are doing to help those in need.