New Adam Sandler Halloween flick provides comfort, nostalgia in trying times


Courtesy of Frank Masi

‘Hubie Halloween’ was released on Oct. 7 by Netflix. The film was dedicated to Cameron Boyce, who was originally supposed to star in it before his passing.

During such unprecedented times, which has become annoying to say and hear, one of the main sources of comfort comes from nostalgia. Whether that means fond memories of you sharing drinks at your favorite co-op, or thinking a lot about the spaghetti you ate with your best friend a few weeks before pandemic panic settled in, remembering the good ol’ days makes tomorrow feel a lot less scary.

Netflix exclusively released “Hubie Halloween” on Oct. 7, just in time for all of the Halloween festivities but also during a time when we’re all in dire need of some comfort. Nobody does comfort movies quite like Adam Sandler, and this movie does not disappoint, bringing back classic Sandler comedy.

The famous “Monster Mash” melody brings us into Salem, Massachusetts a few days before Halloween. Sanders plays our lovable loser, Hubie Dubois, alongside a spectacular, star-studded cast.

Sanders is joined by many of his “Grown Ups” co-stars, a few “Saturday Night Live” staples, Ben Stiller and even Shaquille O’Neal. The cast has a natural chemistry that transcends through the screen, making the movie that much more enjoyable.

Hubie is such a classic Sandler character — the sweet, sweet underdog still living at home with his mother (what can I say? I like an underdog!) Hubie is far too good for his small, boring town filled with people who peaked in high school. But because of Hubie’s purely kind nature, this doesn’t stop him from keeping his town safe every Halloween despite his mother’s plea to stop caring about people who don’t care the least bit about him.

No matter if there’s a 400-something-year-old werewolf on the loose or an escaped mental patient that resembles Michael Myers, protecting his town, like his ancestors did, is Hubie’s top priority. He also gets the girl, which is pretty standard for a Sandler-starred movie. SPOILER: He does. He always does. And he always deserves her, too.

You can think whatever you want about Sandler and his movies, but he is truly an American treasure and should start being treated as such.

Last year, Sandler mentioned in an interview that if he didn’t receive a Best Actor nomination for “Uncut Gems” (which he didn’t, but should have), he’d make a movie that was so bad just to make us all pay. “Hubie Halloween” is his first film since his snub, but I am happy to report that it is  not bad. While not his best, it’s still FAR from his worst.

“Hubie Halloween” will give you that very specific warm feeling that every Sandler shtick seems to leave you with, and during times like these, we should take every chance we get to feel a little joy. Make sure to pop some popcorn, maybe grab a blanket and remember to look away from the screen at 2:16 if you’re not into projectile vomiting. I don’t judge.