New Netflix reality show takes place in Austin, showcases adult life in the pandemic


Gracie Watt / Hilltop Views

Despite the pandemic, Austin Texas is attracting more corporate jobs and remote workers than ever before, lured by lower costs and lower taxes.

Netflix is back at it again with their original reality TV shows, and this time around, our beloved Austin, Texas is  the center of attention. “Roaring Twenties” is a two-part series that airs Dec. 10 and follows eight people in their 20s as they navigate life in the city of Austin during the pandemic. 

Netflix has released a trailer for the series, but no other details regarding plot have been given. E! News gave a quick overview of the eight adults and points out that “Roaring Twenties” is going to be anything but a hookup reality TV show. The series showcases the group living as roommates and navigating the “new normal” of society. Based on the trailer, the group attempts to find life, success and love in the city.

When I first saw the trailer for this show, I was a little skeptical at first because reality TV never feels entirely authentic. With such little information given about the show, I am holding back on forming an opinion too soon. 

I’m interested to see what scope the show is planning to take on the pandemic, and I wonder why Austin was chosen as the setting and how the pool of stars was chosen. The pandemic is a very pressing issue that Austin, along with every city has been dealing with, and the way the show frames this new normal is either going to make or break its ratings. 

Cancel culture is constantly looking for something to dig into, and the second this series says or does anything that isn’t culturally or publicly approved, cancel culture will strike. The success of Netflix movies and shows isn’t just based on popularity, but also approval. If people in Austin aren’t happy with the way their city is being presented, repercussions may be faced. 

Not only is the view of Austin important, but the portrayal of the pandemic also holds a lot of power in whether or not this show will be a hit. I am unsure as to what the public wants to see from the media, especially reality TV, in regards to COVID-19, but there is a possibility that the writers for the show do not deliver things properly and respectfully. 

There are a lot of aspects that are still unknown with this show, and most questions will not be answered until both parts are released. I plan on watching the show in its entirety and will not form a final opinion until then. There are so many ways the writers could take this.. The perspectives they set for COVID-19 and Austin are going to be essential in the show’s rise — or fall.