Student Angela Cruz reflects on her time at the Hilltop


Photo by Angela Cruz

Senior’s from St. Edward’s University, like Cruz, who are graduating in December do not walk in a graduation ceremony unless they chose to come back in the spring.

I met Angela Cruz on the first day of freshman move-in; We exchanged pleasantries because she was one of the two girls’ across the bathroom in our suitemate situation. As some of us have discovered, freshman move-in is stressful, and some tears may be shed after saying goodbye to your parents for the first time. 

Cruz and I became friends after I decided to share the pizza my mother had left. Unfortunately, I found her crying after saying goodbye to her parents. We shared the pizza and bonded over our introverted tendencies and missing our families. 

We both come from Hispanic families, and having someone to speak Spanish with and talk about artists like Natalia Lafourcade and Julieta Venegas was a breath of fresh air.

Cruz is now reflecting on her time at the Hilltop as she prepares to say goodbye. “It’s bittersweet. COVID-19 stole a lot of my college experiences, but my time at St. Edward’s was unforgettable,” Cruz said. After spending the previous year online, Cruz was thrilled to return to the Hilltop for her final semester.

“I enjoyed the individuals on this small campus. I come from Houston where everything is a bit more spaced out, and being in a small community has made me enjoy St. Edward’s and its people so much more,” she said. 

Cruz explained that attending St. Edward’s allowed her to make new friends while keeping old ones. For example, while she was planning to graduate and busy with a full-time internship, we scheduled weekly dinners on Thursday evenings to catch up; If a time didn’t work out, we’d catch up at the gym with several other students who we met our freshman year. 

“Holy Cross is a great place to study. I hate to advertise it because it’s such a small building, but I love the place, and after spending so much time inside due to COVID-19 I’ve come to appreciate the outdoors, and studying outside is a must in such a beautiful campus,” she says as her academic career comes to an end. 

I’d also like to vouch for Holy Cross Hall. Cruz and I spent several late nights there our freshman year, which can attest to our numerous academic troubles and accomplishments.

Despite her melancholy feelings about leaving campus, Cruz says she is looking forward to the future. 

“My major is in communication with a concentration in advertising and public relations. I can’t wait to get back into the real world and start putting what I’ve learned and worked hard for over the last few years to use.”

I, for one, am looking forward to seeing where Cruz goes from here. While I still have a semester ahead of me that will involve frequent trips to Jo’s and long sessions at Holy Cross Hall, I am confident that Cruz will have no trouble adjusting to what St. Edward’s prepared her for.