“Bad Sport” on Netflix gives insight into sports scandals, good for sports fans, non-sports fans alike


Courtesy of Unsplash

“Bad Sport” gives insight on scandals in sports, which a lot of people are unfamiliar with if they aren’t in that field. The show highlights different scandals to learn about.

Sports scandals are a unique thing for someone who isn’t a sports fan. If news breaks out about corruption or cheating within a sport, the average person would probably not know how complex these scandals can get.

Bad Sport,” a Netflix documentary anthology series, sheds light on different scandals from different sports around the world. Each episode reveals to the viewer who was involved, what happened and what the consequences were to those involved. The unique thing about “Bad Sport” is that they interview the people who were involved with these scandals, adding more nuance and depth to each. While all of the episodes in “Bad Sport” are good in their own right, there are some that are unique and enjoyable to watch.

“Hoop Schemes”

“Hoop Schemes” is the first episode of the “Bad Sport”anthology series. This particular episode revolves around Arizona State’s 1994 basketball season point shaving. At first, viewers could write off the college players as greedy, but that’s not what the former players were. “Hoop Schemes” shows how difficult it was for some players to maintain their mental and financial health, and the idea of making a few thousand dollars for fixing games seemed to be their only chance. Although the idea of winning a few and not doing anymore is a good idea, greed became a big factor and ultimately the consequences caught up to them.


Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world. In this episode, “Bad Sport”followed the story of the Italian soccer club Juventus. Through a series of wire taps, undercover footage and interrogation uncovered a complex network of intimidation, corruption and bribery was uncovered. Investigators from the scandal shared their perspectives of what happened and the difficulties they faced when trying to take down their prime suspect: the General Manager of Juventus, Luciano Moggi. This episode is great for fans of soccer and for those who want to see the power and influence one person can have within the world of soccer.

“Horse Hitman”

Now, at first you may think that show jumping would be scandal-free. However, this episode turned the stone of the dark world of show jumping. This episode follows Tommy Burns, known as “the Sandman.” He was the one who did the dirty work, killing the horses of wealthy owners for insurance fraud. We follow Tommy as he was introduced to the world of show jumping and how he eventually became the Sandman. As the time ticks on in the show, we see how these people in the world of show jumping do what it takes in order to “cash in” an asset so to speak. Overall, “Bad Sport” allows viewers to see how the choices people in the sports world make in order to be at the top of their world.