Review: Netflix’s “Midnight Mass” a memorable, bingeable show with spooky elements

Hamish Linklater (above) portrays Father Paul Hill in Midnight Mass, a charismatic priest who has just arrived in a small town.

Marie-Lan-Nguyen / Wiki Commons

Hamish Linklater (above) portrays Father Paul Hill in “Midnight Mass,” a charismatic priest who has just arrived in a small town.

October is spooky season, and there’s no better way to get into the Halloween spirit than to binge watch a spooky show. “Midnight Mass,” released on Netflix on Sept. 24, brings several things to the table with plot twists, suspense and creepy elements. 

The show focuses on the residents of Crockett Island, a tiny island with just over 100 inhabitants. When their church’s head priest, Monsignor Pruitt, falls ill on a mission trip, younger priest Father Paul Hill (Hamish Linklater) is sent to fill in for him. Soon enough, the residents of Crockett island suspect Hill is not what he appears to be. 

The show focuses on the lives of many of the residents of Crockett Island. These include main character Riley Flynn (Zach Gilford),who just left prison for a DUI manslaughter; a newly pregnant resident (Kate Siegel) who has recently  returned;  and the teenagers living on the island (Igby Rigney, Annarah Cymone, Rahul Auburn and Louis Oliver). 

This show is perfect for people who love all genres. If you love psychological thrillers, there is plenty of suspense; if you like the gore of spooky shows, there’s a little bit of that and there are plenty of heartwarming and dramatic moments for those who enjoy the deeper points. The show has many twists and turns, with the viewer having to piece together what may be going on and use previous clues from the show to do so. It’s perfect for those who love to investigate and theorize about something that could go in many directions. 

“Midnight Mass” is a memorable show you can leave and return back to, or you can get immersed in and binge watch all in one day. It’s a great way to distract yourself from a hard day and completely engulf yourself  in an extremely interesting story. The twists and turns of the show are sure to keep anyone interested and unable to turn away from the screen. 

I love the plot and the character development, as well as the progression of events and the suspense of the story. It’s a show you have to be willing to be heavily invested in, as it’s not something you can watch mindlessly as background noise. Despite the fact that the  show  is  hard to follow at times, “Midnight Mass” has an incredibly interesting story with many facets to it.