Black Expo on campus highlights Black student creators and vendors


Isabella Bass/Hilltop Views

Tabria Williford has so many amazing tapestry designs, they’re great if you love national parks or just an outdoorsy vibe in general.

It is important to honor and celebrate local Black creators and artists on campus, especially during Black History Month. St. Edward’s hosted a Black Expo on Wednesday from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. on Andre Lawn, showcasing art and creations from different Black artists, vendors and creators. 

Sadé Lawson was one of the artists showcased at the expo, and she displayed her gorgeous sketches, murals and art pieces that were available for purchase. Lawson provides an assortment of art from elaborate murals to free-hand sketches. She uses her work to spread an optimistic message and to tell Black stories in a positive way. 

Sadé Lawson has so many different pieces of art that she sells. Her talent shines through in her intricate pieces as well as her more basic sketches. (Isabella Bass/Hilltop Views)

“I like using portraiture, I love using other things symbolically such as plants, animals and textures to visually tell a story,” Lawson said. “When it comes to telling Black stories, using those things symbolically is reclaiming the narrative and sharing things positively.”

Tabria Williford showcased her scarves and tapestries at the expo as well. Williford specializes in making scarves, wall hangings and general tapestries with her business Tawa Threads. She is making her mark in the community by giving back to charitable organizations through her work. Not only is her concept very unique and interesting, but she also does her part to support the hiking and outdoor communities. 

“All of my designs are national park or land inspired,” Williford said. “We give back 20% of proceeds to inclusive outdoor organizations.” These organizations include Disabled Hikers, Inclusive Guide and Black Outside Inc. 

Jeany’s Caribbean Elixirs is a local cold-pressed juice business with a focus on the health benefits. Jeany’s Caribbean Elixirs focuses on providing delicious, cold-pressed juices and their health benefits. For example, their very berry flavor has strawberry, lime and mango and provides a delicious taste while also providing a large amount of fruit. Their tamarind guava flavor is delicious as well, and the tamarind bean is known to help with nausea. 

Chow Down Cookies is a local chocolate chip cookie business created by St. Edward’s freshman Amari Singleton. She has been baking her treats since October 2021, and bakes all of her cookies in the community kitchen at Basil Moreau Hall. Singleton sold out of her cookies at the expo at the Black Student Athletes and Allie’s Committee table.  Chow Down Cookies sells delicious and inexpensive chocolate cookies, such as chocolate chip and double chocolate hot cocoa. These cookies are very substantial and provide a rich chocolate flavor. 

The Black Expo at St. Edward’s did a great job of showcasing these different creators, the amazing variety was definitely something to be remembered.