Student-owned clothing line, Broken Youth Club, breaks creative barriers


Courtesy of Broken Youth Club

Models represent Volume 2 of Broken Youth Club’s clothing line, released in November 2021. Broken Youth Club plans to drop a new project later this spring.

The Hilltop is a hub of creative talent. The student body is filled with those who dabble in music, photography, graphic design and more. As part of this creativity, many incorporate their form of inspiration into other aspects of their personal lives. One of the biggest ways Hilltoppers can express themselves is through fashion. Although fashion can be seen as a personal outlet, one student has taken this outlet to another level.

Broken Youth Club is the fashion brainchild of Omar Kaniche, with an interesting origin behind it. Kaniche said that he was inspired to make a clothing brand from his work producing music videos. He wanted to have  something physical to represent these videos.

“I just thought I might as well make a clothing brand to parallel the videos and grow with the videos as well,” Kaniche said.  

Kaniche likes how streetwear and fashion in general allows people to express themselves. According to Kaniche, each new clothing line release is based on his mental state during the process for a new line. During his first line dropping, Kaniche said that he felt frustration and anger as a result of not being recognized for his creative endeavors. He wanted the line to have both a bold and youthful look.

Although there are some difficulties with having a small business to run, Kaniche said that to him it’s not hard to do most of the time. Some of the difficulties he faces include administrative duties and finding a proper supplier. 

Interesting aspects to Broken Youth Club’s brand awareness are photoshoot and video releases. Kaniche, along with photographer and fellow student Ian Clennan, have a process to create them. According to Clennan, the photo shoots usually have a mood. This in mind, Kaniche and Clennan scout for locations based on lighting and how it ties into the overall mood. As for the videos, Kaniche commented that these videos create a sort of cinematic universe for all the prior lines. In certain videos he’ll make reference to other videos for viewers to look for and tie back to.

Broken Youth Club will have new projects coming out in April or May. Clennan provided more insight into the project: their first collaboration with another Hilltopper. The creative process behind this collaboration, according to Clennan, was to talk to the artist and their own creative process behind their work. Next, they will narrow it down to favorite pieces that are able to be produced on clothing.

For more information about Broken Youth Club, follow the brand’s Instagram