Austin Creative Reuse sign painting events cultivate conversations on voting, environmental concerns


(Kaitlynn Devitt / Hilltopviews)

Valérie Horne hosts sign painting workshop where people can create their own unique “Vote” sign to stake in their yard or place in their front windows.

Austin Creative Reuse hosted a painting session led by local artist and French teacher Valérie Horne Oct. 8 where people could paint “vote” signs. The event was free, non-partisan and full of creative painting ideas and intriguing conversations.

Conversation revolved around the importance of voting and also the importance of recycling, donating, reusing and buying from local businesses like ACR.

Austin Creative Reuse Center is a nonprofit in East Austin that resells creative materials at lower costs.ACR hosts community events and workshops, offering others the opportunity to build their community through reusing things in a creative way. (Kaitlynn Devitt / Hilltopviews)

“As an artist, teacher and a person that loves recycling so much and to be able to give and get some cheap, great stuff or grab some ideas for a project with the kids. I love Austin Creative Reuse and I wish we had places like this all over the place.” 

ACR accepts donations of all kinds, anything from bottle caps to slabs of wood or scrapes of fabric and yarn. The local nonprofit receives donations of creative materials from individuals and businesses, and then sells them at affordable prices. 

It was important for Horne to be able to do this workshop — specifically for others to paint “vote” — signs because every sign is unique and different. She believes voting is a right and extremely important. To Horne,  the idea of voting and this event means progress and moving towards a better and brighter future. She  wanted to “envision the city as a whole exhibition for the art of voting,” Horne said.

Valérie Horne participates in her workshop by painting a “Vote” sign to take home and display. (Kaitlynn Devitt / Hilltopviews)

“Everyone who participated and took their signs home to hang up in their windows or post in their front yards is taking their own stance in living a civic life and encouraging those around them to vote,” Horne said. “Voting is the key to getting somewhere” 

As an artist and a French teacher, Horne tries to do projects with her students. They discuss several topics, like the history of European and African-American artists.

Horne wants the younger generation to know now is the time to take action and realize the importance of voting. To Horne, the younger generation is more conscious about climate and social change, and they are the ones to make things happen. 

“Now is the time to motivate people to go out and vote,” Horne said.