If I Were President at St. Edward’s University…


Hilltop Views nominates Amanda Gonzalez for president of St. Edward’s University.

If I were the in charge of our university, here are a few changes that I would implement to improve St. Edward’s.

Connect Fall Break with Thanksgiving

The fall semester is just as tiring as the spring. Other universities have fall break, and we should too. This time would also give homesick freshmen a break to head home or a brief intermission to adjust to their new surroundings. I also think the relaxing weekend should connect with Thanksgiving break, just as spring break should connect with the Easter holiday. This way, people can plan trips without having to travel twice or miss class days in between the two breaks.

Extend Operation Hours of On-Campus Cafeterias

Currently, the Ragsdale and Hunt cafeterias are open strictly from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. But, if the lunch times were extended by 15 minutes on each end, more students and faculty could grab a quick bite to eat. Good nutrition is the foundation of a healthy mind, and we need all the help we can get. Since classes run parallel to the current lunch schedule, having lunch from 10:45 a.m. to 2:15 p.m. would be a smart financial and academic move. 

Create Public Spaces for Lockers and Napping Stations

For commuters or adjuncts who want a small area to leave their textbooks or gym clothes, a small locker would be convenient and beneficial. Regarding napping stations, hear me out first! Power-naps are so productive for busy bodies. If you have an hour-long gap in between classes, but don’t live on campus, napping is hardly ever an option.

Commuters are constantly competing for limited couch space. Having little cots or at least designated couches in a quiet space to nap between classes would be amazing.

Add Lights to the Athletic Fields

The student athletes at St. Edward’s have to play all their home games during the day under the hot Texas sun because there are no lights on the field for night games. Despite the long list of challenges involving lights on the fields, having night games would encourage more school spirit and would allow student-athletes to miss less class time. The university brings money to the neighborhood; therefore, they should accommodate to us instead of complaining about the noise pollution that potential night games would cause.

Organize Textbook Exchange Program

Bookstore prices are too high and ordering online can take too long. Students should have access to an embedded platform through Canvas, a platform that allows them to borrow, buy and sell textbooks for reasonable prices.

No Penalty for Missing Class

It’s no secret that attending class allows you to learn content more efficiently, but sometimes attending class isn’t possible. Several professors’ policies only allow two to three absences before being penalized. Unfortunately, students have jobs, kids, other classes, prior commitments or unexpected circumstances that cause them to use all of their allowed absences and then some. Students pay for the service of a college education and should be able to dictate their own class attendance.

Appoint Jimmy Kimmel as my VP

The fun-loving, comedian announced months ago that he was running for Vice President to focus on social justice issues Americans truly care about. Since Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump didn’t select him as their running mate, I would. He has already accomplished shorter receipts at drug stores and has proposed policies which include: allowing shorter people to be up front at concerts, legalizing betting during March Madness and having the day off following the Super Bowl and World Series.