Reserve goalies represent future of st. Edward’s women’s soccer

Marie Kassi

Annabel Sweeney is a freshman who serves as one of four back up goalkeepers for the St. Edward’s University women’s soccer team.

This group of reserve goalies represent the future of the soccer team once standout goalkeeper Lorrie Santoy graduates and leaves the position open.

Sweeney has learned to have more composure from Santoy, who even during the big games, rarely shows that she is nervous. Sweeney looks up to the senior and is inspired by her confidence.

Growing up just north of Houston, Sweeney played the violin and participated in other sports, such as swimming, golf and gymnastics.

As her schedule got busier over the years, the 5-foot-10-inch goalie decided to quit some of these extracurricular activities and stuck with soccer because it was what she was involved in the longest.

While some people may perceive being a goalie as easy, Sweeney says the position can be quite challenging.

“It’s hard being a goalkeeper because you don’t have as many touches as other players in the game, so your touches have to be seamless and perfect,” Sweeney said.

There is a great, fun and united dynamic between the other reserve goalies. They group started the nickname “Keeping Up with the Keepers,” and look forward to their time together.

Sweeney’s training consists of shot stopping, crosses, and distribution. She ends up getting hurt sometimes because catching the balls requires hitting the ground often.

On the field, she faces a lot of pressure because she is the last defender. She tries to avoid making mistakes, because they lead to opponents scoring goals and eventual defeats.

Playing goalkeeper for so long has given her the ability to work well under pressure. When in front of a stressful situation, she handles it like a pro and dominates the pressure.

Off the field, Sweeney applies the ability to manage such stress and pressure to her major in finance and her accounting minor. 

She is able to translate the responsibility she has on the field to the responsibility she has in the classroom. As a student, Sweeney is capable of dominating the demands of college life.

Soccer takes a huge part of her life, and she enjoys it. From waking up at 5 a.m. to taking fitness tests in the pouring rain, she wouldn’t trade this for a regular college life.

After earning her bachelor’s degree, Sweeney would like to complete her master’s degree abroad, either in Sweden or in the United Kingdom, and play professional soccer at the same time.