Barclays Premier League champion predictions

Tim Gray

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The 2016-17 Barclays Premier League kicked off this August. A lot of new faces were there to witness the exciting start to a season that will be filled with twist, turns and a lot of goals.

New managers, new players and reigning champions now find themselves in the presence of two of the best managers in the game, Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola, and one of the marquee signings of the the year, central midfielder Paul Pogba.

I’m going to take you through my prediction for the season’s champion and top four:

First Place: Manchester City

Their most exciting signing this year is not a player, but the best manager in the game, Guardiola. I think this is his first real challenge in recent years. 

At Barca, Guardiola had forward Lionel Messi, central midfielder Andrés Iniesta as well as at least 20 world class players in his squad. 

At City, Guardiola has the least talented squad he’s ever managed, but still one of the best squads in the league. 

I think he’ll get the best out of a team that has underperformed in the past. He already has midfielder Raheem Sterling starting to live up to his £50 Million transfer fee. If center back Vincent Kompany and striker Sergio Aguero can stay fit, City could win this year’s title.

Second Place: Manchester United

Manchester United faces a similar situation. Manager Mourinho has been brought in to stabilize a club that has been in freefall for the past couple years. 

He’s been given a talented squad featuring two bright talents, midfielder Pogba and striker Anthony Martial. 

The only question is, can Mourinho get the players to play his way? If there is one thing Mourinho can do, it is to get results, but he will be bested by rival Guardiola.

Third Place: Tottenham Hotspur

The one thing this team has over the others below them is consistency. Mauricio Pochettino has the whole team playing his way.

The whole club has a sense of ambition around it and this season will be one to remember for the Lilywhites.

Once striker Harry Kane gets back in form and the team hits its stride, it could contend for the title. But it in the end, their over-reliance on Kane and their inexperience is what will lead to a drop in form later in the season.

Fourth Place: Liverpool

This is Jürgen Klopp’s year to prove that he has built a team that is good enough for the Champions League. Although consistency is a major problem and the defense is not the best, Klopp has winger Sadio Mane and midfielder Philippe Coutinho in the best form of their lives. 

They may pull off some big wins against some of the top clubs, but their lack of consistency will ultimately hurt them against the smaller clubs.