Do Not PublishFrom uniform to unique: Student discovers self through fashion

From work to twerk, fashion can come in many forms. In this case, it comes in the form of sophomore Sydney Mitchell.

Originally from Akron, Ohio, Mitchell is a resident assistant at Teresa Hall working towards a biochemistry degree. At a cool 5’1” and 136 lbs, she wears her expression on her sleeve.

“I like the whole vintage look even though I haven’t really pulled it off quite yet, and I like big, baggy things, so I tend to go thrifting to find those vintage items,” Mitchell said. Often she can be seen around campus incorporating such elements into her look along with her trade-mark grey hair.

As far as creating her style, Mitchell has a few go-to basics.

“Anything striped. I love black and white. It’s a problem.” Mitchell said. “Maybe a t-shirt dress. It’s not only a t-shirt — it’s also a dress. And then some black jeans with knee rips. Those are iconic, and I love those.”

In true individual style, the fashionista has two pairs of knee-ripped jeans, but they’re not average store-bought jeans. She altered these herself.

“They’re black and cut at the ankle,” Mitchell said. “I cut them myself and I wear them maybe every three days.” She said.

Mitchell’s outlook on DIY fashion wasn’t always this way. For her, it took changing schools and leaving the uniform behind.

“I’ve been in a Catholic school my entire life, so you had your polos, your khakis, maybe a nice little sweater,” Mitchell said. “I never really got to experience and experiment with outfits until I got here.”

By “here” Mitchell means St. Edward’s. She says it’s the most fashionable university she has yet to see.

“Everyone is so expressive, and so I was like ‘Okay, I can be expressive,’” Mitchell said. “I think that was my turning point once I left my private high school. I could start experimenting. I don’t really know what my exact style is right now, but I’m working towards it.”

Until then, Mitchell says confidence in her own skin is the most important thing she wishes to communicate through fashion.

“I like trying new things, and this year I’m definitely going to try to embrace a lot of other styles that I wouldn’t necessarily do,” Mitchell said. “I’m a lit person in general. I can’t help it.”