Jacob Sanchez says adios to Hilltop Views

I’ve been struggling with how to write this farewell all year long. I knew it was coming, but I just didn’t know how I wanted to say goodbye to Hilltop Views.

I could go down the creative route and do a poem like my former co-editor Lyanne Guarecuco did last year, but that’s too hard to top.

I could do a tweet or say this is the first deadline I ever missed — which would be a complete and utter lie.

So instead I’m just going to say thank you to all the people who have taught me important lessons.

Thank you to my political science professors, especially Brian Smith and Chad Long.

Thank you to all my awesome journalism professors: Emily Quigley, Curt Yowell, Eileen DeLao and Josh Hinkle.

Thank you to all the amazing people who I’ve interviewed, hounded down for information and pestered to get stories done on deadline.

Thank you to all of the readers of Hilltop Views.

Thank you to everyone who I have worked with at Hilltop Views, including those who followed Raneem Ashrawi’s lead to call me dad. Except for that one time when Max Lillard called me daddy.

Thank you Brooke Blanton and Hannah Thornby for teaching me all about Hilltop Views and being the people who I always looked up to.

Thank you to Lyanne and Rosemond Crown for being the best co-editors-in-chief and putting up with my crap.

Lyanne, you were there as the cool, calm and collected one for me. You were awesome as online editor-in-chief, and I hope one day to work for you.

Rosemond, you’re going to push Hilltop Views to the next level with your focus on broadcast videos. Just remember to spell people’s names correctly.

I’m running out of space so here’s a list of Hilltop Views people that I say thank you to: Jenna Jaco, Shelby Sementelli, Reagan Roehl, Raneem Ashrawi, Riana Soobadoo, Audrey Eads, Amber Hebert, Sara Katona, Max Lillard, Kayla Sulewski, Jerry Silguero, Nicole Burg, Paula Santos, Laura D’Eramo, Hannah Lieck, Jasmine Kim, Victoria Cavazos, Kate Barton, Travis Riddle, Amanda Gonzalez, Samantha Rodriguez, Savannah Naiser, Eleanor Fishbourne, Gabrielle Wilkosz, Sabrina Rohwer and everyone else who I may have forgotten.

Thank you Taylor Cervantez for calling me out on my bull and then being able to go out for drinks after it. Without you I have no clue how the newspaper would get out every week. Just remember the next time we go to Alamo Drafthouse you’re buying the popcorn.

Thank you to Jacob Rogers for coming along and being the first Jacob that I’ve truly ever met other than myself. I’m glad you’re one of my friends. You’ll do great next year as print editor-in-chief. I have no worries with you taking over my spot.

And finally thank you Jena Heath. If it weren’t for you I would have never realized my passion for journalism. You’ve been the greatest professor, life advice expert, mentor and advisor to me during my entire time at St. Edward’s University. You’ve been there for me every step of my journey into journalism.

Well, there’s only one appropriate Jacob Sanchez way to end my last article for Hilltop Views and that’s to quote former Texas Gov. Rick Perry: Adios, mofos!