Diversity in Student Government, a goal for presidential candidate Jamie Cardenas

I believe it’s time to give back to the student body that has given me so much.

Being involved on this campus has allowed me to understand what college is supposed to be about: learning as much from inside a classroom, as from outside a classroom.

The vibrant community I am surrounded by has allowed me to grow in ways I never would have imagined when I first stepped foot on the hilltop three years ago.

I am running for Student Government Association president because I want other students to feel just as at home as I do on the hilltop.

When Carlos Martinez and I first talked about running, we focused on the vision and mission of SGA. SGA should be representative of the whole student body, not just small pockets of it. So, we want SGA to have a louder voice on campus.

I was once told, “people fear the voice of the students, because they have the strongest voices. The students at SEU, however, are quiet.”

Carlos and I believe SGA can be the voice of the students. We want to make sure that SGA is as loud as possible so that every student voice can be heard loud and clear.

We really want to make sure that SGA is an adequate representation of the entirety of the student body. Therefore, we have many different ideas for outreach, including the continuation of the Hot Seat Initiative.

We would like to see our members involved in different organizations across campus so that we, as an association, can know what it is our community needs.

We also plan on addressing issues of safety and sustainability at St. Edward’s.

In our current Senate positions, Carlos and I have already begun to advocate for these two focus areas.

I recently passed a legislation called “Precautionary Safety,” I am seeking means of bettering the safety of our students through the potential implementation of emergency call boxes.

Additionally, Carlos passed a piece of legislation called, “Starting the Conversation,” which established an ad hoc committee that researches a Green Fund, making our blue and gold campus a little greener.

Our passion for this university and strong friendship make Carlos and I perfect for the roles of vice president and president.

Carlos and I became good friends at the start of this school year and instantly bonded through our similar interests in politics and world culture, as well as our shared future goals.

Our love for SEU, and our desire to serve its students ignited our desires to become president and vice president.

Carlos and I are an excellent team.

Anchored by our friendship, we believe we can create a good foundation for SGA’s future. With these tangible goals, we hope to create a sustainable legacy