Sarah Palin set to become next Judge Judy

All rise! The honorable Judge Sarah Palin could possibly be coming to your television screen in 2017.

Sarah Palin, former Republican vice-president candidate, has gone from dreams of the White House to dreams of the courthouse. Palin just inked a deal with Montana-based production company Warm Springs this past February to star in her very own reality court show.

Now before everyone panics at the thought of Palin wielding a gavel, know there is a secret to all reality court shows. Even if it looks like a judge and talks like a judge, it’s actually an arbitrator.

The cases are real, but before appearing on the show, participants will have signed a lengthy document that states that they are allowing an impartial person to make a binding decision. This is generally cheaper than going to appear in an actual court.

It is hard to tell whether Judge Palin will model her show after Judge Trudy or Judge Judy. The former governor of Alaska is well known for her zany personality and puzzling one liners. While it is hard to imagine her bringing out the dancing lobsters, a dancing moose is not out of the question.

Palin will have to devise a plan to stand out among tough competitors: Judge Judy, Judge Mathis, and Judge Lynn (“Divorce Court”). Judge Judy has commented that there is plenty of room for the new host in daytime television.

There is some hesitation about Palin sitting in a courtroom due to her lack of a law degree. While most daytime show judges provide humor and wit, they still have foundational experience practicing law.

While this is a valid criticism, since Palin’s official title will be an arbitrator, if someone is willing to agree to her decisions being final, then they deserve whatever judgment she decides. There is also evidence that some judgments made on reality court shows have been overturned, so Palin cannot get too crazy.

Politics aside, Palin has a very entertaining personality (please watch just one episode of “Sarah Palin’s Alaska”). Her cases may involve more wildlife than any court show ever syndicated, but that should not disqualify her from the opportunity to shake up daytime television.

Now is not the time for Americans to get picky about what they watch on television.

“Armed and Famous” was a reality show that allowed celebrities to be trained as police officers. In “Man vs Beast” humans and wildlife would battle in contests ranging from hot-dog eating contests with bears to an airplane pulling contest with an elephant.

Case dismissed. Let Judge Palin have the floor.