Spurs v. Warriors: Dawn of the Finale

Basketball season is coming down the wire. 

Although this last week of basketball does mean do or die for some teams, for the most part, we know who’s in the postseason, and we know who’s out for the National Basketball Association (NBA).

As of Monday night, the top teams in the NBA — the Golden State Warriors (69-8) and the San Antonio Spurs (64-12) — will use these last few regular season games to try and make history.

On Thursday, the Warriors host the Spurs. On April 10, the Spurs host the Warriors. Both games will have all eyes on them.

“We’re trying to get better each and every day, so no matter the opponent, we all know that everyone is trying — and obviously they want to beat us. They’ve got stuff at stake, too,” Spurs point guard Patty Mills said.

The defending-champion Warriors may have recently suffered their first home loss of the season, but they are also now the first team in NBA history to reach 1,000 three-pointers in a season. With just 230 more points, they’ll become the highest-scoring team of all-time, according to Sports Illustrated.

I predict they will bring out all the fireworks at home, beating the Spurs 115-106. Point guard Stephen Curry will rain three’s, as he and the rest of the Warriors will seek to tie (and eventually beat) the incredible 72-10 record of the 1995-’96 Chicago Bulls.  

In fact, I also predict Curry will reach 400 three’s in a single season, shooting guard Klay Thompson will reach 300 three’s and the Warriors will reach the incredible 73-win mark all in one game.

“It’s not my priority or anything,” Curry said to ESPN about reaching 400. “I shoot the ball every night, it’s what I do. If I have a couple more good games, maybe it happens. If not, I’ll still be satisfied with the way I shot the ball in the regular season.”

On the other hand, the Spurs are now the only team still undefeated at home. They want to have that accomplishment stay in tact for their fans.

The last regular season match-up between these two teams will end with the Spurs avenging their road-trip loss in California. The final score will be a narrow 111-109 victory.

In the game that will follow, all the starting Spurs will certainly have the day off to rest, as both teams prepare for the playoffs.