Game ‘Marry, Date, Kill’ evaluates candidates

There has been plenty of informative commentary about the 2016 presidential candidates and I think it is time to switch it up. So I’ve written a political version the notorious game “date, marry, or kill” using the candidates from both parties.


Let’s start on a light note and begin with marry. Out of the competitors it was a toss up between Ted Cruz and John Kasich, but ultimately my heart said Kasich. From the beginning of his campaign, Kasich has been the guy with his heart on his sleeve. His playful demeanor has brought a sense of humility to a predominantly hostile election season. Whether you agree with his policies or not, it is pretty hard not to smile when Kasich answers media’s critical comments about his insensibility for staying in the race. He always maintains a positive attitude by responding, “I’m having the time of my life” and shooting them that heartwarming Kasich smile.

He makes the best of the worst situations, maintaining a humbling sense of humor throughout the process. His upbeat attitude makes him exactly the type of person you want to have in your life. Plus Arnold Schwarzenegger endorsed Kasich. I mean c’mon that’s total marriage material.


Next on to the “who I would date option.” This one was tough but in the end I decided to choose Bernie Sanders. I KNOW. But hear me out, Bernie Sanders is the candidate who is truly inspiring young people. He has been an activist essentially his entire life. Sanders was even arrested in 1963 during a protest for racial equality due to his passion for correcting injustice. He is the classic person you fall in love with in your 20s who changes your view on the world, your perceptions of yourself and your premonitions of your future. He’s the guy that influences the poised, self-assured law student to drop out and become an artist. Sander’s is every beautifully wrong decision you ever made.

Sanders is the one who influences the choices that morph you into who you are and help guide who you want to become. However ultimately the story never lasts because one day the music stops and the dream ends, reality kicks in and you realize that his passion, no matter how inspiring it may be, is simply just that.


Finally for the third and most hostile option, if I had to kill one of them it would be Donald Trump.

Now please let me preface this with the fact that I in no way actually want to kill Donald Trump. So please Mr. Trump, for the love of God do not take this literally and send people after me because this is just an article.

That being said, my motive for choosing Trump is simply because I do not agree with his provocative approach to the election. While I see the importance in addressing pressing issues such as immigration, terrorism and economic growth, I do not think there is any room for his insensitive rhetoric in our government. America was built upon diversity and through the cohesion of the various cultures that make up our country.

Together we have been able to prosper as one of the most diverse nations in the world. That alone eliminates the rationale of electing a person such as Donald Trump to be the leader of our nation. America represents a vastly divergent population and our president has to be able to represent each of these groups no matter their stereotypic backgrounds or differences. So for every Muslim I know and love dearly, for every Hispanic I am lucky enough to call my friend and finally for any African American who felt disturbed due to Trump’s recent CNN debacle where he would not disavow the KKK on national television, it is for each of you that I place Trump in this category. Regardless of one’s political views or their party membership, there’s no place for this kind of bigotry.