One Direction, still stealing hearts

After stealing the hearts of teen girls all over the world on “The X Factor” in 2011, One Direction continued to take the music world by storm.

Five years later they just released their fifth album, “Made in the AM,” and graced us with some of their best work yet. But there have been lots of rumors circulating about the gorgeous brits and how they might be done for good after their five-year stint.

As of recently, lots of shady things have been happening within the group and people are questioning if this really is the band going in their separate directions. I for one, still have hope though that these boys will continue on.

After Zayn Malik left the group last year, the One Direction fans nearly didn’t make it through. People were heartbroken, and many held candlelight vigils in memory of Zayn’s amazing vocal runs that grace many tracks of the band’s old music.

The world was at a standstill, waiting for the band to release a statement recognizing our worst fears, the end of the 1D era. But such a statement never came. The band’s management reassured us Directioners that the group was still going to go on making music, just without the perfectly chiselled Malik as a member.

After getting through this debacle, many thought that it was only upwards from here. That was until towards the end of 2015 when rumors started circulating that everyone’s favorite boy from Doncaster, England was going to be a father. Louis Tomlinson. A FATHER. After doing my own research, I had pretty much decided that these rumors had to be absolutely false. That was until Tomlinson confirmed the rumors, saying that becoming a father was “a very exciting time” on “Good Morning America” in August. This crushing blow surely meant the group was finished many pessimistic people assumed, but I remained optimistic, and the boys did not disappoint.

The group continued on throughout the pregnancy of Louis’ ex girlfriend and continued to capture the hearts of girls and boys all over the world with their silly antics and genuine bond as a group. This was until their recent hiatus after five beautiful, brilliant years of British boyband glory.

Though they have said it is just a hiatus to spend time with their families — especially with Louis welcoming into the world his new son — many aren’t buying it. They are claiming that the boys are really finished this time after the release of their new music video “History,” which is full of scenes of group hugs and farewells.

However, despite the rumors of the band’s demise, I remain a Directioner and believe that the boys will get through this as they did other obstacles. They haven’t let me down yet, which is just one of the things that makes them beautiful.