St. Edward’s University Athletics embraces dog Charles

SEU Alumnus Robert Jaques walking his son’s Rottweiler dog Charles at a baseball game.

Do you remember the big, unexpectedly-friendly, baseball-loving dog from “The Sandlot” movie? Well did you know St. Edward’s University has its own version?

His name is Charles, a two-and-a-half year-old Rottweiler who enjoys attending St. Edward’s sporting events on campus with his owner Robert Jacques, a 1994 St. Edward’s New College alumnus. Jacques says that the dog truly belongs to his son, but that he dog-sits Charles while his son works and takes classes.

“Charles and I hang out here just about every day, and I let him run around,” Jacques said. “He’s a friend of the baseball team.”

Not only do Charles and Jacques attend the baseball games, but also tennis matches, soccer matches and softball games.

Most recently, the gentle giant attended the St. Edward’s baseball team’s home opener on Feb. 12, proudly wearing an St. Edward’s baseball shirt given to him by the team last season.

“We’ve been becoming friends with his owner and also with Charles, because he’ll try to steal all the balls from the baseball cages,” junior outfielder Miles Wright said. “It’s pretty fun and we just like them.”

As a younger pup, Charles would also run onto the tennis courts during practice and chase all the balls. Now Charles has learned not to go onto the court, but is always ready for a game of fetch. The women’s tennis team has also given Charlie a fan shirt to sport at their home opener on Feb. 19.

Although it is common to see dogs of all shapes and sizes on campus and at various places all over Austin, Charles embraces the St. Edward’s community.

“He’s just a big bull of a dog, but he’s the biggest Hilltopper fan out there. He’s what makes people ‘Fear the Goat,’” said St. Edward’s Athletics Media Relations Assistant Sam Boender, encouraging more sports teams to give Charles shirts. “The more people know about St. Edward’s, the better it is for the university, and the more we can embrace people like that and their dogs and make them a part of the St. Edward’s community.”

Charles is friendly with fellow dogs and all the fans at sporting events. He listens to sit, lay down and handshake commands.

The trail leading to the baseball field and tennis courts is his stomping ground, but on hot days Charles enjoys the fountain outside of Main Building.

“Charles loves it here. He thinks he owns the place. When he comes out here, he knows where to go,” Jacques said. “Because I live so close and went to school here, I just love hanging out here and meeting the young students here.”

You can meet Jacques and Charles this Homecoming weekend at the outdoor sporting events.