5 things you should do if you are single on Valentine’s Day

By: Lilli Hime

As February falls into full swing, everyone’s favorite holiday is today. Single’s Awareness Day, better known as Valentine’s Day, is that holiday everyone loves to hate. I mean, who was the genius to create a day to emphasize the singular turmoil that is our generation’s love life?

But don’t get too down in the Valentine’s Day blues, because even if you’ve been Tinder swiped left a couple times, we’re ready to point you in the right direction for some fun ways to spend the dreaded Feb. 14. So grab your box of chocolates and pack of tissues and go!

Blue Starlite Drive In Valentines Week

All weekend

Yes, you could go the traditional route and watch romantic comedies home alone while eating yourself into a chocolate coma. But wouldn’t it be better to watch those same chick flicks at a groovy drive-in, snuggled with equally single friends in the back of your car? Blue Starlite has got you covered. The whole weekend, the retro drive-in will be showing the lovey-doviest of favorites, such as The Notebook, Casa Blanca, The Princess Bride and more! Just ignore the cars rocking nearby.

Valentine’s Austin Flea

Feb. 13 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Opal Divine’s Penn Field

Whether you’re shopping for that special someone or just looking out for number one (yourself), the Austin Flea is the best place to do it. A great venue of local vendors will be lined up just a block south of campus at Opal Divine’s selling their handmade vintage wares. Stop by, grab a bite and treat yourself to something nice because if you’re single, face it: you’re the only one who will.

Hard Luck Art Market/Crawfish Boil

Feb. 14 2-7p.m. Hard Luck Lounge

What says “love” more than tearing apart crawfish guts? Maybe you’re upset and you want to take it out on some poor crawfish or maybe you think crawfish is some magical aphrodisiac. Whatever your reason, just bring yourself to Hard Luck Lounge on Valentine’s Day to admire some local art and handmade goods while chowing down on crawfish. Musical guests hard rock guitarist Rick Broussard and DJ Cut-A-Rug will keep the chill vibes flowing.

Valentine’s Tribute to David Bowie, Olivia Newton John, and More

Feb. 14 8 p.m. Barracuda (21+)

Apologies to Adele, but her songs should be the farthest from your playlist on Valentine’s Day. Say goodbye to her tear-wrenching album for the day and hello to the music of these old greats. Barracuda Venue and Bar will be featuring musical tributes to the beloved David Bowie, Olivia Newton John, The Pretenders and Phil Spector’s. Raise your glass to these legends during a night of great music and remembrance.

Friend’s Date Night

Anywhere, Anytime, Anyone

In the midst of the barrage of Tinder profiles and hallmark movie marathons, sometimes we lose sight of the ones that matter the most. If anyone deserves a day of love, it’s our friends who are always there for us. So, show them and show yourself some love. Get dressed up, take each other out to eat, dance, watch Magic Mike or whatever suits your fancy. Be your own dates and just enjoy the night with friends because the day of love isn’t exclusively for couples. If you have anyone you love in your life, you have something to celebrate. Oh, and send your mom the chocolates for once instead of the other way around!