Social media users wrong to characterize first daughters as wild party girls

Many news social media talks regarding the first daughters have circulated online in recent months as the oldest daughter, Malia, visits various colleges while the youngest, Sasha, allegedly goes to homecoming.

Two specific pictures have been roaming online: one of Malia at a party at Brown University standing next to a table set up for beer pong and the other of Sasha standing next to a boy who had his arms innocently wrapped around her. 

While these activities are typical for a normal teenage girl, people on social media have said the Obama girls are acting “classless” and even go as far as to say that the girls are “going wild.” 

In actuality, these people should be saying, “Obama girls are real normal people who do real normal people things.”

It seems that social media and all who continue the bashing are acting more classless and wild than the Obama girls have ever been. It is common knowledge that the social media will exaggerate to get more readers, but as a whole, we really should not care that the Obama girls are doing certain things that every single one of us has done as adolescents. 

It is apparent that Malia and Sasha did not willingly put themselves in the public eye to begin with — their dad becoming the president should not dictate their individual lives.

Malia has overwhelmingly been framed with the most unconscionable headlines and slanderous articles. 

Many people in the press are trying to say that Malia was taking part in beer pong, a common drinking game, at Brown University, partying and getting into trouble as well as underage drinking.

However, when faced with the facts, the assumption is simply not true. Both the pictures and the Brown University students express that Malia did not have a beer in her hand nor did she look like she was playing the game. She was simply standing close by the table next to the red solo cups.

The editorial board of The Brown Daily Herald, Brown University’s student newspaper, recently apologized to the first daughter.

“It is a shame that Malia was unable to visit Brown and enjoy herself at a party without several news headlines coming out about it the next day”, the editorial said.

The editorial went on to say that “Malia did not choose to grow up in the White House, and it is unfair that everything she does at just 17-years-old is subject to such harsh scrutiny.”

The Brown Daily Herald puts it best by highlighting how difficult it is to constantly being subject to unfair public ridicule — an aspect of young-adult life that the press should be able to empathize with and respect.