Ariana Grande neglects chance to challenge stereotypes in interview


During an interview with a radio station in L.A., Grande failed to call out the hosts for their sexist comments.

Jasmine Kim

Ariana Grande did a radio interview with Los Angeles station Power 106 where she was asked some shallow and sexist questions, and her response gained a lot of attention from the media.

When this video started showing up on social media, I was expecting a smackdown to be put in the books. The titles associated with the incident guaranteed a complete shutdown of the DJs, but I don’t think Grande’s responses were even up to par.

The radio DJ’s first asked her what she would choose: using makeup or her phone for the last time.

“Is this what you think girls have trouble choosing between?” Grande responded.

This was Grande’s first opportunity to completely ruin these guys. She asked this question with so much attitude and defense that I was actually expecting her to blow up on these DJs. But then she changed her tone of voice and went back to her “nice girl” voice and then stated how she could go hours without looking at her cellphone and that she likes to be present and talking at the dinner table.

The DJs reacted by calling out all girls, saying that they should learn from her. Grande then responded to that, saying that boys should learn too, concluding that boys and girls should all learn equally.

That was the second chance to call these guys out. She added her comment about both boys and girls learning at the end, when she definitely didn’t have to. It seemed like she was stopping herself from getting aggressive and truly speaking her mind.

Grande then was asked to talk about the new iPhone emoji update, and when she brought up the unicorn emoji the DJ’s responded that men don’t use that particular emoji. Grande was then asked what she would like to change in the world, and she responded with a typical celebrity’s answer.

“I have a long list I’d like to change. I think judgment in general. Intolerance, meanness, double standards, misogyny, racism, sexism, you know all that s**t.”

There is a huge problem with this. Her answer didn’t even seem sincere, as she just listed different issues in society, and end with “you know, all that s**t.” Why would she ruin this chance of actually saying something meaningful by ending it by lumping our society’s problems?

She ended the statement by saying that she wants to start by changing the DJ’s attitude first.

This was her opportunity to completely grill these guys and give them a mouthful they deserved, but she didn’t even do it. She just called them out, and that was it.

Grande had so many chances during this two minute interview to make a name for herself as a feminist in the entertainment industry, but she didn’t take any of them.

Did she not want to waste her breath on these shallow DJs? Is she worried that going off on these bros would ruin the innocent and harmless look she aspires to maintain?

Maybe it is because she doesn’t want to ruin her good girl image, but her response was weak and not nearly enough of a shut down like the media made it seem.

If anything, her lack of an aggressive response to these DJs feeds the stereotypical image of a girl stopping herself from speaking her mind and remaining calm, cool and collected.