NBA fans full of hope on all sides

From some devastating heartbreaks in overtime to ridiculous blow out games, the NBA season has arrived. There is no denying this year players from across the nation have come back more driven than ever. Players have been putting in work to become stronger individuals and have a chance at the  NBA Championship Team title.

To recap the 2014-2015 year, the underdog Golden State Warriors defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals. This shocked many, because the Cavs star power forward, LeBron James returned to his original team after leaving the Miami Heat.

However, there was a major upset as the Warriors’ MVP Stephen Curry rose into action. The point guard averaged 30 points throughout the season, putting the team on the road to victory.

Now, the 2015-2016 is anyone’s game. When asked about the predictions about the new season up ahead, many Hilltoppers had their own opinions about whom was to win the new title. From freshmen to recent graduates, the NBA was a hot topic to discuss since their is such a diverse group of teams to cheer on.

Freshman John Daniels predicted the Golden State Warriors would win it again this year, because of the “splash bros,” specifically Steph Curry who has the highest 3 point percentage in the NBA. He goes on to add how the team is fun to watch and how they are constantly playing an intense game of offensive since they always shoot.

As of Sunday night, the Warriors are 18-0, which is the longest undefeated start in NBA history.

Another freshman, John Boos had a different opinion as he said the Houston Rockets were going to win it all this year. “They are struggling right now, but when they get everything together, they are going to click and win and be able to beat any team in the NBA,” Boos said.

Boos’ favorite player is James Harden because of his “famous beard and how he gets buckets.” He does say their biggest competition is the Golden State Warriors or San Antonio Spurs, since they have been playing so well.

Junior Joey Gathe takes on a more dominant approach as he believes in his hometown team, the Houston Rockets taking it all. “They will end the Warriors’ streak and hold Steph Curry to 1 for 10 from the field, and James Harden along with Ty Lawson will collectively drop 75,” Gathe says of the hometown team.

However, sophomore Jacob Solis and 2014 graduate Robert Venturini believe in the San Antonio Spurs. They both predict they will be the champions this year. “They have a great bench performance and move the ball unlike any other team,” Solis said, adding that LaMarcus Aldridge is going to find his place in the system and be more consistent with the Big Three — Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili.

Venturini says “Kawhi is playing at all star level this year, and although the rotation is yet to be determined, the possibilities are endless.” The biggest threat to the Spurs is Golden State. “The Spurs are disciplined and experienced, which makes it difficult for any team to match them.”

So there you have it, Hilltoppers. The season is full of hopeful fans from all over with all one hope in the end, for their team to take it all.