Adele finally says ‘Hello’, everyone hopes she never says goodbye

Eleanor Fishbourne

My home girl Adele is finally making her long awaited comeback and with tissue boxes in hand, the world is so ready for it. She blew everyone away with the release of her new single, “Hello” on Oct. 23 and has everyone excitedly anticipating her upcoming album.

For three years everyone has been asking the same question, “Where’s Adele?” Following the success of her album “21,” Adele fell off the face of the earth with no hint at a return. There were even rumors that she was finished making music forever, wanting to end things on a good note.

I’m not really sure how she thought she could exit on a bad note though, when literally everything that comes out of her mouth sounds like it has been sent from the heavens.

Known for her uncanny ability to make people reminisce about all of their most devastating heartbreaks and the ones that got away, Adele is sure to bring out all the feelings with her new album titled “25.”

“Hello”, the first single from the album has already taken the world by storm, debuting at No. 2 on the Billboard Twitter Top Tracks chart. It infiltrated the hearts of the world and tears began to flow freely.

The music video is another feels-fest all together. It opens up with Adele, flawless makeup and everything, on the phone with a very gorgeous ex-boyfriend who is portrayed by Tristan Mack Wilds. Wilds has acted on popular shows “The Wire” and “90210.”

The video is full of longing looks and precious moments shared by Wilds and Adele that make my heart melt every single one of the 27 times I watched it. The sepia tone of the video makes it feel nostalgic and intense which exemplifies the dramatic moments when Adele belts out big beautiful notes.

Though many can agree that the “Hello” video was a six-minute-masterpiece there is one scene that made the whole world do a double take. In the prelude to the video Adele is having an emotionally-tense phone conversation with someone who will later be revealed as Wilds.

And though it is truly a great way to set the sentimental feel of the video Adele proceeds to pull out her flip phone to make the call. That is right folks, queen Adele pulled out a FLIP PHONE and no one knows what to do. Did Adele decide to bring this fossil of a cellular device on set?

Perhaps it was to emphasize that it is suppose to be reflecting on events of the past. Or maybe it is to add a hint of drama with the classic slamming shut of these plastic devices that was lost back in the nineties.

Either way, social media has blown up with memes about this outdated phenomenon. With dedicated fans that have waited three years for new music Adele was not about to get away with that kind of faux pas.

As we get ready for the second coming of Christ that is going to be Adele’s new album “25,” people are already feeling the feels. It is crucial not to overdo it though like many did with Adele’s big hit from her last album “Rolling In the Deep”.

After hearing that song on every social media outlet and every radio station for months I swear I was singing it in my sleep.

Whether she took these past few years off to be with her family or just to bask in the glory of her extensive Grammy collection, we are ready for this comeback and are thankful that it has finally arrived.