Sara Katona misses deadline for the last time

Sara Katona

This had the potential to be heartwarming, but in keeping with HV tradition, I decided to write this on deadline with several essays due the next day. 

Because of Hilltop Views I: met my best friends; met my roommates; smelled Chris Hayes (eau de tobacco and alcohol); stayed up too late, too many nights; have a stellar resume; discovered AP Style; discovered detesting AP Style; allowed my ferrets to make final edits; cried listening to NPR; cried reading the news; cried watching the news; cried writing the news; broke my tear ducts; learned that journalists don’t make a story — they find the story; cleaned out my vocabulary; became more cynical; reviewed dumb stuff; reviewed smart stuff; became more me. 

Thanks JJaco and Hannah Thornberry for showing me how to be funny in a serious world; you guys are my writing and general life icons. I love you Amber, Audrey, Bryanna, Hannah, Kate, Lyanne, Maxy, Raneema, Brandon, Cocoa and even Potato.

Shout out to Dr. Cotter for breaking stories and buying me food. Shout out to Holy Cross for posting my eating disorder story by the elevator. Shout out to writers who don’t turn in stories because you guys suck.

In loving memory of my mental health. HMU on MySpace. Here’s looking at you, HV.